How to Achieve a Balanced Life

The number one issue that many people around the world face is the feeling like they are not doing all that they should be doing to increase the health and happiness from within ourselves. It is no secret that everybody has issues that they need to deal with and surely balancing our life and our own selves is one issue that we constantly must work at. It becomes so easy as more and more work gets piled on us, that we take shortcuts and do the bare minimum when it comes to creating a better life for ourselves and our bodies. We start to think that in the midst of all of the chaos, that we have to choose what we deem as important and put other important things in the back of our mind to tend to our priorities. While we do this, it doesn’t make us feel anymore happy with ourselves and the things that we want to achieve in our life. Everybody deserves to have a healthy balanced life, for creating a healthy balanced life for yourself is the best way to ensure that you can create a happy life for yourself. Yet where is the balance? How do we achieve it? The answer is certainly not a simple one, but it is surely one that can become clearer to you as you read on in this article!

Why Balance is Incredibly Important

I think we first need to delve into understanding why creating a balance within your life is so beyond important. It isn’t very often that people think of having a balanced life as a sort of personal goal. Many people don’t really think about how balance truly affects their daily lives and their own identities and through not understanding this it can really undercut people from recognizing their true potential. I vouch that balance is key to living the best possible life that you can possibly live, because it opens the door for you to create and maintain things that are so important to your quality of life. Refer back to your psychology class where you learned all about Maslow and the Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow stated that there are certain levels that people needed to possess in order to increase their quality of life and unlock their true potential as individuals. He stated that people needed to first satisfy their physiological needs such as air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing etc. then they needed to satisfy their safety needs such as personal security, employment, resources, health, etc. Next Maslow outlined that people needed to satisfy their need of love and belonging through intimacy, friendships, family, and sense of connection, and then from there other needs could be satisfied such as the need to be esteemed and respected by many and then eventually reaching your full potential as a person. Many would agree that upon looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, that Maslow goes a good job of outlining what humans need in their lives in order to progress further. Maslow actually puts needs in a hierarchy because he sees that everyone has needs that must be prioritized and fulfilled before they can improve themselves and their quality of living up to the highest, maximum potential that they can reach. Think of balance as the key to reaching the very top of Maslow’s hierarchy. Balance teaches you how to satisfy all the needs that are important to having a fulfilled life and through learning how to balance such things you can learn how to improve yourself even more and reach a higher potential than you ever thought was possible.

Understand What You Need to Create Balance

Before taking the necessary steps to think about how one can achieve a more balanced life, it is ideal that you first think about all the things that you are trying to balance in your life currently, that you deem to be extremely important to you. Make a list of all the things that you are currently struggling with when it comes to creating balance. Maybe you need to learn how to balance school and work, with being healthy, finding time for yourself, spending time with loved ones, and so on and so forth. Whatever struggles you think you have trouble balancing, it is best that you first begin looking into writing them all down or making a mental note of them. Through doing this step, you are first making yourself aware of all the things in your life that you deem as important to having a better quality of life and making yourself happier. You are offering yourself the time to truly think back and reflect on the things that are most valuable and necessary to you in your life. In that way you can understand, whether there are things that you need to spend more time trying to incorporate into your own life and if there are things that you just spend too much of your time on daily that keeps you from balancing everything else. This step is so crucial to successfully getting closer to figuring out how to balance yourself out!

Next Follow These Tips!

I cannot give you a word for word, detailed guidelines of how you yourself can achieve the balanced life that you want. It is important that you realize that it is up to you to figure out the best way to navigate all the things that you wish to balance within your life. Simply because people are at different stages in their lives and have different priorities and struggles to navigate, the ways in which they navigate those needs and struggles will differ, but for sure there are definitely tips that you should keep in mind when creating that balance within your life. Through being aware of these tips, you can make the journey to reaching your goal, a smoother and quicker transition than you ever thought was possible. So here we go!

It is All About the Health

One tip that I strongly advise you to consider when going about trying to create more balance within your life is to take care of yourself first! You are the most important asset in your journey to creating a happier life for yourself. There is only one of you and if you choose to throw your health to the back burner then you can honestly kiss any chances of improvement and personal satisfaction goodbye! Without being healthy, you simply cannot have the energy, attitude, and motivation needed to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. For that reason, do the best that you can for yourself. Drink lots and lots of hydrating alkaline water to keep you hydrated and balanced internally. Eat your fruits and veggies along with a well-balanced diet of protein, carbs, fat and more! Consider sleeping for at least 8 hours every night so that you can tackle the day with the right physical and mental headspace. Be physically active so that you can keep yourself healthy and mentally destress when you need it. Choosing to take out time to take care of yourself is so beyond important and it is honestly the best thing that you can do for yourself as you work to achieving a more balanced life. Failure to take care of your health leads to tiredness, a lack of motivation, and the feeling of being burned out. Trust me when I say that no goals or self-improvement will ever be reached if you start to feel burnt out. You must give your body the best mental and physical energy that it can possibly have, so that you are ready to juggle what life throws at you and handle any unaccounted curveballs that may be thrown at you!

Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

Maintaining a positive mental attitude is so beyond important when it comes to working hard to achieve your goals. Your days will not always go according to plan and sometimes there will be something that happens that can throw you off your game and deter you from finishing the goals that you have set for yourself, but the most important thing that you can do is to have the right mental attitude to brush off any obstacles that set foot in your path and continue to work hard and not let them stop you from what you want to achieve with your life and within yourself. You will find that so many books that detail how to reach a well-balanced life, talk about the importance of how you view adversity. If you change your mindset from thinking that adversity only serves to knock you down rather than to teach you a lesson, then you will never be able to reach your goals of living a balanced and purposeful life. You must understand that things happen that are unfortunate and unforeseen, but in the end, they are simply obstacles that shouldn’t stop you from your goal. Through having the right mental headspace as you trek across your journey to your goals, you can ensure yourself that you are leading a balanced and less stressful life.

Boost Your Problem-Solving Skills

One amazing skill to have when it comes to creating a more balanced life for yourself, is being able to create innovative solutions to the problems that are presented to you. The whole issue when it comes to finding balance in things, is that many people do not know how to solve what they perceive to be a problem. People are confused on where to get help, how to ask for help, and troubleshoot the ways in which they can deal with the things that are making life harder for them. Problem solvers are people who stress less. If you can see a problem and practice ways in which you can handle the problem instead of stressing and worrying over it, then I guarantee you that you will certainly have more agency in creating the balanced life that you want for yourself. Problem solve issues in relation to family problems, work concerns, or dealing with scheduling and time. Set aside time to brainstorm the issues you are facing and all the different ways you can solve that very issue. Ask friends and family for help so that you can get more feedback and suggestions on what you should do. No matter which way you go about solving the problem, the best part about this is that you were active about providing solutions to your issues and not reactive to them instead. By problem solving you can create more time to balance things that are important to you and stress less, making your mental energy healthy and stable!

Where Alkaline Water Fits into Achieving a Balanced Life

It is no secret that alkaline water offers you a chance to balance your body’s pH levels, but that is not the only thing that it does. Alkaline water is also powerful in helping you to achieve a well-balanced life because it makes performing the tips that I have just mentioned, a lot easier! Water and hydration are known to work wonders for your health, your mental energy, and your ability to think quickly and not stress as much. When you hydrate yourself properly, you are doing more than just allowing your body the opportunity to do its necessary internal functions. Water is linked to improving your mood, providing you with energy that makes you feel refreshed and revitalized to handle the day, and can help greatly in sharpening your brain’s response and memory. All of which are so necessary for incorporating the tips mentioned above to achieve a more balanced life. A balanced life means being successful in your health, relationships, goals, professional life, and overall being successful in the things that matter the most to you. You can find the time and energy to balance all those things when you take care of yourself and hydrate yourself properly. By simply drinking water, you are immediately giving your body the necessary boost it needs to tackle on the day with motivation and determination. The ways in which you utilize that determination is up to you to decide! But it is refreshing to know that water can help you get there!

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