Alkaline Foods

You have often heard of the term alkaline in science when you were younger. It probably happened around the time when you were learning about the pH scale and how there is a scale of acidic and alkaline foods and substances as well as foods or compounds that are neutral. You probably didn’t go much farther into the concept of alkaline and acidic unless you study science or have a degree of in the area of science. Even then you probably used the concept of pH for the purpose of understanding how it relates to various chemical compounds and substances. Not many people have really gone far into the concept of alkalinity and acidity as it relates to our own diet. If this is the case for you, then I will introduce you to the world of alkalinity, how it is present in certain foods we eat, and what it can do for our bodies and health! Alkaline foods are actually in a lot of foods that we naturally eat and can provide us with a myriad of benefits to help keep our body healthy. If you are interested and want to learn more about this topic, then keep on reading! This article will give you the basic understanding of alkaline foods and why you should incorporate these amazing foods into your diet (at a moderate level of course).

What are Alkaline Foods?

In the most basic concept alkaline foods are foods that are alkaline in nature. pH is basically a measure of how acidic or basic something is. If something is acidic it will fall on a scale of about 1-6. If something is alkaline then it will fall along the scale of 8-14. Neutral is right in the middle at a level of 7. Alkaline foods refer to foods that are basic in nature and are actually not acidic. The purpose of distinguishing whether something is acidic, basic, or neutral can be relevant and important for a variety of reasons, but for the purpose of understanding alkaline in terms of foods it is probably most important that I talk about what alkaline and acidity can do to your body. That way you can better understand the importance of understanding pH within your own body and how it affects you.

What is the Deal with pH and Our Bodies?

It has been stated by many scientists that and health experts that when it comes to acidity or alkalinity within our own body, it is best that our body stays neutral with a very slight increase in alkalinity. Most agree that our blood pH should remain at a level of about 7.4 in order to be considered healthy. Why should our blood be neutral? What happens when our blood is too acidic or alkaline? In fact, a variety of unfavorable consequences can ensue when you do not take care of your body and leave it to be too acidic or too alkaline in nature. If your body has too much acidity then it can an inability to breathe properly, confusion, fatigue, headaches, sleepiness, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, a lack of appetite, acne, joint pains, anxiety, depression, frequent colds, digestive issues and more. Those who are on the other side of the spectrum and have too much alkaline in their body will end up experiencing an array of unfavorable symptoms such as hand tremors, prolonged muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting, muscle twitching, and numbness in the face or limbs. In very serious cases, both can cause very serious issues if left untreated such as loss of consciousness, seizures, severe breathing difficulties and more! In all, it isn’t hard to understand that one does not want to be on either side of the spectrum. It is way more advantageous to our health and happiness that we always stay in the middle of the pH scale within our body. It is the best way of ensuring that our body is working at its maximum potential. It will inevitably just lead to an easier and better quality of life for you and will not disrupt your ability to focus on work, school, family, and more.

Benefits of Alkaline Foods

Glowy Skin

All skin problems are actually the result of acid in the body. If you are experiencing intense flare-ups on the skin in form of acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or wrinkled skin then this means that you have too much acid in your body. By choosing to eat more alkaline foods you can help get rid of that extra acidity within the body and thus your skill surely clears up and glow!

Get a Great Energy Boost

In addition to amazing and glowy skin, alkaline foods can really help give you a good energy boost during the day (or night if you really have a lot of work to do). The energy you feel during the day is the most important indicator of how well your body is doing internally. If you notice that you are tired and sluggish during the day then this can signal that you are consuming too much acidic foods. Try drinking water with lemon or lime! Lemon or lime, contrary to popular opinion, may be acidic in its natural form, but in contact with our body it turns alkaline. By drinking water with lemon or lime, you can increase the alkaline within your body and get a great burst of energy that will carry you throughout the busy day!

Your Sleep Becomes More Meaningful and Refreshing

Too much acid in the body can also deeply affect your sleep. If you notice that your body naturally wakes up around 1-3 am in the morning then you totally have too much acid in the body! Your liver and kidneys may be asking you for help! During the night, your body is more acidic than it is during the day. If you are not alkalizing your body well enough then you can be interrupting your REM sleep which deeply aggravates your quality of sleep. Take in more dark, green, leafy vegetables to help solve the problem! Vegetables such as spinach, wheatgrass, swiss chard, watercress, and kale are great ways to combat the acidity within your body. If you consume these vegetables at least three hours before going to sleep then you can expect a deeper sleep and your liver can detoxify itself gently. Try to avoid acidic foods before sleeping such as high carbs and sugars. If you throw in some foods or some kind of drink that encompassesminerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate then you can get rid of the acidity in your body very quickly. Guarantee that if you implement these sorts of alkalizing foods into your diet before sleeping, then you no longer have to worry about the lack of sleep at night and the feeling of sleepiness during the day.

Alkaline Foods that You Should Consider

Here is a wonderful list of some well-known foods that are high in alkaline and can help balance your body out well! They are so great for making your body feel better and provide a myriad of benefits that go beyond alkalizing your body!


Spinach boasts an alkaline level of about 8.3. Spinach is so easy to add to your diet. This leafy green can be added to smoothies, bowls, salads, cooked up and more! It is high in plant iron, vitamin K, and calcium, all of which is said to help protect against many forms of cancer. Kale is one of the world’s most alkaline foods out there.


Bananas are another delicious alkaline food that you can eat if you feel as if you have too much acid in your body! They fall along a pH level of about 6.9 and are so versatile. They can be incorporated in a variety of things from being eaten alone, put into smoothies, oatmeal, cereal, on toast, smoothie bowls, and more! They are also coined the term “potassium sticks” for the incredible amount of potassium that bananas can provide you with. They are a wonderful source of fiber which means that they can help rid your GI or gastrointestinal tract of toxins and help promote digestive regularity. It is also a wonderful alternative to other sugary and processed foods out there. If you feel your sugar cravings hitting you throughout the day then bananas can be one of the healthiest ways to ease such cravings without adding more unnecessary sugar within the body. One awesome technique to eat bananas is by making banana nice cream! It is basically banana ice cream and it is so delicious, healthy, cool and refreshing. You can also throw in other alkaline rich ingredients to your banana nice cream, such as fresh mint leaves and berries.

Sweet Potatoes

Yes, my sweet potato lovers rejoice in this lovely revelation. Sweet potatoes are another alkaline rich food that you can consider. Most people enjoy sweet potato over regular potato anyways so I’m sure you wouldn’t even need to incorporate this awesome super food into your diet. Sweet potatoes are a great way to provide your body with more alkaline, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They have a less negative impact on the blood sugar levels since they are packed with fiber. The fiber really helps to slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. The best part is that there are so many ways that you can eat and enjoy sweet potatoes. You can bake them into fries, eat them like a baked potato, mash them up, and throw a variety of vegetables or delicious spices to amp them up!

Carrots are a great way to snack in a healthy way. There is something about the crunch that people enjoy. I know for me the crunch is actually very therapeutic! They are a great way to reduce the acidity within your body and restore energy and can even help improve eyesight based on the vitamin A content. In all honesty, a cup of carrots contains more than 300 percent of the daily recommended intake of beta-carotene which is an antioxidant form of vitamin A. It can also help protect against cancer and promote a brighter and younger looking complexion.


Hazelnuts are another great alkaline rich food that you should intake. If you have a tendency to snack on nuts, then this could be a great way for you to restore your body back to its natural pH. Especially, if you have a tendency to snack on nuts often because the sad reality is that the majority of nuts are very acidic in nature. Yet hazelnuts are the delicious exception to that rule. Yet, with this in mind do not think that by eating nutella that you are getting the right level of alkaline rich food. Nutella does not count with all that added sugar!


You know how the saying goes. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and although I am not sure how true that statement is, apples are truly a powerful food. Aside from reducing all that high acidity within the body, you can expect so many other benefits to come out from eating apples often. They are rich in detoxifying fiber and antioxidants such as vitamin C. They have flavonoids that can protect against cancer and the nutrients within apples can help promote healthy cholesterol and blood pressure within the body. All in all, apples are one of the healthiest and advantageous foods out there. So, take apples into consideration. Plus, they are so yummy to eat.

These are just a few of the many alkaline rich foods that you can include in your diet! As you can see from the list, incorporating alkaline rich foods is actually not as hard as one would think. There are a lot of alkaline rich foods that are so yummy and that we already have in our diet without even realizing it. With these delicious foods in mind, then switching up the pH of your body and lowering your acidity shouldn’t be too difficult with all the options and recipes that you can utilize to reach a healthier you.

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