Where to Buy Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water

Water is such an important part of our lives. It is something that we drink on a day to day basis and will continue to do so. Water is a constant. Unlike anything else that exists in this world, we cannot stop our consumption of water when we wish to because without it our body would not be able to survive. Since water is truly the only substance that we must drink consistently not matter what it becomes extremely important that we do a good job of deciding where our water comes from, what it has, and what kind of water we should drink. Sometimes it can sound pointless to people. I mean water is water so there shouldn’t be a big deal about it. Yet if you are drinking it so frequently and it is the one thing that can keep you living, then more people should treat it like its a big deal. As much as we wish we can say that all water is good for us, that is just simply not the case. A lot of water out there can produce harmful toxins and bacteria within our body and for that reason we must take diligent care to learn what the right kind of water is for us and where we can get it from. Don’t worry though. This article has you covered on what kind of water you should be drinking and where you can get that water from!

Drink Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water

Perfect hydration alkaline water is one incredible way that you can get your recommended intake of water in and it is so beyond healthy for you. It goes through a very strict and comprehensive process before it can be bottled and sold, so for that reason you can truly expect nothing but the cleanest and purest water for your body. The water goes through a 9-step filtration process that helps to purify the water and make it ready for drinking. The best part is that the water has a 9.5+ pH level meaning that it is alkaline water. In addition, perfect hydration is ionized, electrolyzed, mineralized, and alkalinized so that it can provide you with electrolytes that purify your body and give you great source of energy. It has no added sodium, chlorine, or fluoride and is recyclable and BPA free meaning that you can drink water that is good for you and be happy about how it is gentle on our beautiful environment!

Why Choose Alkaline Water as Your Daily Water?

Of course, many people would be curious as to what alkaline water provides for you that standard water does not and rest assured that this water is not being marketed as the best water for you for nothing! This water can do so much for your body that others cannot and the mere reason for this is because of the fact that everyday our body is in a constant struggle with our pH levels and balance. We drink a lot of highly acidic foods such as coffee, meat, and dairy (I mean they are in everything we eat practically) and over time they create a highly acidic environment within our body that needs to be balanced out. We learn in basic science class that acidity and alkalinity are on opposite sides of the spectrum so when one is one side of the spectrum it needs to brought down by incorporating substances that are opposite to it. In cases where people are consuming diets that are full of dairy, meat, and coffee, it is so important that one brings down that high acidity level with foods and drinks that have high alkalinity in them and that is where alkaline water comes in. Alkaline water helps to restore your body’s pH balance and bring it to the optimum pH levels needed for your body to carry out its important biological processes. Since it is so common for diets to have high acidity, it is highly unlikely for many people to eat enough foods and drinks that have enough alkaline to balance it out. For that reason, it is so important that you incorporate alkaline water in your diet. It is so hard to tell someone to cut out foods like dairy, meat, and caffeine from their diet. So instead of focusing on cutting these foods out, focus on something that can help bring your body back to balance instead. That way you can still enjoy the foods you love without dealing with high acidity levels and the consequences that can come with it. The 9.5 +pH level offers the perfect level of hydration and alkaline to keep your body healthy and the water itself is full of minerals and electrolytes that create a really great taste that you can enjoy. Forget that metal taste of tap water and enjoy perfect hydration instead. You are going to be drinking water for as long as you live so you might as well choose something that you know you will enjoy drinking. In addition to that, think about all the benefits that drinking great tasting water can provide for you!

When water tastes plain, boring, or even unpleasant then you feel less motivated to actually drink the water. You tend to drink less of it and turn to other drinks to satisfy your thirst in the short run because they taste better. Yet, a good majority of the time, those drinks are just riddled with all kinds of sugar and harmful substances that do nothing, but destroy your body internally. That is not the ideal way to keep yourself healthy and happy! When you actually start to choose water that you know you will enjoy, then you can trust yourself to naturally want to drink that water more often than any other kind of drinks out there. In that way, you can truly help yourself health wise (and it isn’t that hard of a change to make). In this way, the benefits of drinking perfect hydration water are simply numerous!

Where to Find Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water?

Perfect hydration alkaline water can be found in a wide variety of stores. Mainly though, your best bet for buying this water is Costco since you can be rest assured that it won’t run out when you need it! Costco is a great way to provide you with as many perfect hydration alkaline water bottles as you would need! They offer packs of the water in a 12 count and each bottle is typically around 1 liter. The water is incredibly affordable for families and since it is sold at Costco, you can have even better deals than other stores around since Costco is infamous for offering different kinds of memberships that give you discounts on the things you need to buy. You already buy water all the time, so it is about time that you got rewarded with your purchases! By choosing to buy perfect hydration at costco you can get great discounts that help you save money in the long run when you purchase a costco membership!

What is Costco?

Before I delve into why you should buy perfect hydration from Costco, I think it would be wise to first talk about how Costco works exactly because it is very unique in comparison to other kinds of grocery stores. Costco is a membership warehouse club that works to bring members the best prices on quality, brand name merchandise. Costco aims to make shopping the most pleasurable and easiest experience possible so they offer a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee on the merchandise you purchase. Through gaining a membership for Costco, you can figure out the best way to receive discounts and rewards on the brands you love for cheaper prices than any other place. For that reason, I suggest Costco for all of your water purchasing needs since it is a kind of merchandise that you will consistently buy for the family no matter what! Shipping is also available with Costco, so if you run out of your water fast than you can always buy more online without always having to make so many trips. Costco will offer you live tracking of your shipment online, detailed accounts of where your package is, and your money back guaranteed if you do not like what was shipped to you! There are so many incentives from purchasing your purified water from Costco and I highly encourage that you take advantage of it so that you can reap the benefits that it can provide for you.

Some Wonderful Benefits of Buying Perfect Hydration at Costco

Costco has a wide variety of incentives that motivate shoppers to consistently buy from them and it isn’t hard to see why. They offer some of the greatest prices on purchases you love and offer them in massive, bulk quantities so that you do not have to purchase all the time. The membership opportunity allows for so much rewards when shopping such as cash back on purchases. If you upgrade to executive membership, once you reach a certain amount of money that you paid for a year, they will actually give you some money back. In fact, they state on their website that membership offers about a 2% back on purchases over the year and hey that is money that is worth every penny. Not only are you buying the best water for your body, but you are getting money back after buying more water. In addition, Costco also has a no-questions-asked return policy. If you do not like a product, you are not forced to keep it! You do not want it, it is as simple as that. Costco will easily take it back from you and refund your money fully. Shopping without regret is the best kind of shopping.

An Additional Place Where You Can Purchase Perfect Hydration


Although it may not be as popular of a place to buy perfect hydration as Costco is, Amazon is definitely another option where you can find this product if for some reason Costco does not have it. Amazon typically sells them in a count of about 6 or 24 packs. They may be your best option if you are doing a one time purchase of perfect hydration, but they do not offer discounts like Costco do so they may be a more expensive choice in the long run. Yet this should not be ruled out as an option anyway because it is always good to have other places where you can find what you need should they ever run out at your first choice. Like Costco, Amazon is of course also gracious with shipping your products when you need it so you can count on them for convenience!

It isn’t hard to see why alkaline water is the best water for you and your body. It has so many benefits to it that standard water cannot simply compete with! It is about time that people start to realize the value of putting them and their health first and realize that health, taste, and the price tag does not always have to be at odds with one another. With the right research you can truly find products that suit your needs in all three categories without feeling like you have to heavily debate which one you value more. So head out to the nearest Costco and test out perfect hydration alkaline water yourself. You will truly notice a difference in your body as your drink more of it over time and the change is simply something that you cannot ignore. So take out your perfect hydration water bottle to a picnic, a hike, the beach or wherever life takes you this summer and stay hydrated as you make memories throughout the day! The water bottle is slim and perfect for holding or putting into cup holders so the water is ready to go whenever you are! Drink more, hydrate more, and stay healthy!

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