Rainwater Harvesting

As industries continue to boom and technology continues to advance more and more people are starting to see the beauty behind what technology can do. The efficiency it can provide, the amount of money it can save, etc. has inspired people around the world to continuously look for ways to make our life easier and cost effective. With the advancement of industries, we also see an improvement in the many innovative ways to reach convenient solutions in a way that helps our environment, instead of harming it. Technology with heavy machinery and factories can be great in mass production and increasing costs, but it also has its drawbacks. Technology and the advancement of industrial factories and businesses have led to dangerous risks for our environment. As our industry accelerates forward, so does another movement known as the green movement. The green movement is a movement that simply looks for innovative ways to help people and the environment at the same time and water production is no exception to such a movement.

Drinking Water Production and its Effect on the Environment

Water Production

One of the most common ways for people to get in their daily water intake, resorts to using up water bottles. Water bottles are sold everywhere and bought by everyone because they make the habit of drinking water, easy and convenient for all. Yet water production and water bottles have also paved the way for serious environmental havoc. The water bottle industry is at an all-time high right now with about 50 billion water bottles being consumed each year and about 30 billion (meaning roughly 60%) of water bottle being used within the US. The process of creating these water bottles are actually very harmful to the environment and depletes our natural resources at high levels. For starters, it takes about three times the volume of water to manufacture one water bottle than it does to fill it. That is a lot of water being taken out of our environment and used at incredibly high levels (keeping in mind that water resources are not that easy to replenish). About 17 million barrels of oil are used each year to produce water bottles, which is about enough oil to keep a million cars fueled for a whole year! (Also keeping in mind that oil is a nonrenewable resource so once it is gone, it is gone forever). The Earth Policy Institute factors that the amount of energy used to pump, process, transport, and refrigerate our bottled water is about the same amount of energy provided by 50 million barrels of oil a year! There is no doubt that the industry of water bottles and the idea of convenience, has greatly diminished our lack of respect for the environment and the resources it provides us with! In addition, many water treatment plants utilize strong chemicals to rid the water of harmful microorganisms. These chemicals are used and released into the environment, which then causes serious damage to the animals and plants around the water treatment plant. All in all, it is quite safe to say that water production can have some serious effects on the environment and many groups and organizations are looking for a way to provide people with safe drinking water that will keep people healthy while also keeping our environment in mind.
The Green Movement is Stepping In
Many people are actually very much unaware of the serious implications that water can actually have on our environment. This makes sense because at the end of the day we like to think that water is natural and a part of our environment, so using water shouldn’t hurt our environment simultaneously. This is true. We should be able to enjoy water and also enjoy the fact that we aren’t killing the world around us while trying to keep ourselves alive. Many people see the importance of this as well and it is this understanding that has led to the green movement. A movement focused on key environmental issues and disasters, developing solutions to the problems that our environment face daily. The problem of water production and the impact it has on the environment is one issue that is quite difficult to solve. We need water. There is no doubt about that. Yet we cannot get rid of the water treatment plants that use a variety of methods to make the water in our environment safe for us to drink. We use harsh chemicals because we know that they get the job done. Attempting to use less harsh chemicals can indeed reduce the impact on our environment, but it makes our water less safe to drink, putting us at a risky trade off that we need to solve. Thus, many environmentalists have been constantly researching ways in which we can still have fresh, clean drinking water readily available to us with as much minimal environmental impact and thus is born a new method known as rainwater harvesting.

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

 Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is actually a very simple concept. It is simply collecting runoff from a structure or other impervious surface for the purpose of storing the water for usage later. It normally involves collecting and harvesting the rain from a roof by allowing the rain to collect in gutters that will channel the water downward and into a storage vessel. The complexity of rainwater harvesting can be as complex as you choose it to be. It can either work to collect rain in a rain barrel or be created in a way that it harvests the rainwater in large cisterns for the purpose of supplying your own household demand. The great thing about rainwater harvesting is that it can be used for a myriad of things from home purification to drinking water, landscape use, stormwater control, wildlife and livestock watering, in home use (such as washing and cooking), as well as fire protection. The way in which you plan to use your water can vary depending on your needs, but the ultimate goal of rainwater harvesting is to provide an effective way to bring water to people around the world while cutting demand for water and creating a low environmental impact.

The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

There is a myriad benefit that rainwater harvesting can actually provide you with. You wouldn’t realize it at first but this alternative method can actually bring in a lot of advantages to your household and water supply in a way that makes rainwater harvesting a serious and wonderful option to consider. The practice of using rainwater harvesting systems has been around for thousands of years and this practice has continued to grow in practice. It has become the primary source of clean drinking water for many rural areas and limits the concept of needing money to have access to water. Here are some benefits one can reap from a rainwater harvesting system.

Provides Access to Clean Drinking Water
For many rural or poor areas, access to drinking water is an overwhelming concern. The supply of water in a household is based off whether someone can afford it or not. People shouldn’t have to have a copious amount of money to have access to basic resources crucial to survival. Rainwater harvesting makes access to drinking water more accessible for those in poor areas in which their water is greatly contaminated and they cannot afford to purchase clean water from a filter or store. Rainwater harvesting eliminates this problem and allows people from all over the world to have access to water they need for cooking, cleaning, irrigation, and drinking purposes.

Reduces Your Water Bill
Another great advantage to rainwater harvesting is that it greatly reduces your water bill. Here in the US water adds up. We are so used to having water readily available to us to the point that we use up so much of it and then become incredibly shocked by the pricey water bottle that gets sent our way. Rainwater harvesting can help save those extra dollars and keep them in your wallet. By choosing to collect the groundwater you can then use that water towards cooking, cleaning, irrigation, or more. This means you reduce the amount of times you turn your hose on, your sink, and your bathtub, leading to an overall cheaper water bill to pay off! It can also help out small businesses who do not have the extra money to be spending on utilities. Rainwater harvesting on an industrial scale can actually help with providing the necessary amount of water for businesses to run efficiently without ever having to deplete any water resources nearby.

Save Up Your Water
Some areas of the world are in a serious drought! People do not have the luxury of wasting water or using as much of it as they want, at least not without serious future consequences. With a rainwater harvesting system, one can now conserve the water that they would use to wash their car, water the garden, wash the dishes and clothes, and so on.

The Water is Clean
A lot of people are opposed to the concept of drinking rainwater, but the truth is people have been doing it for centuries. The reason being that despite misconceptions about groundwater, groundwater is actually free of contaminants. Now many people would ponder how such a thing could be true considering that our water naturally becomes dirty when it starts to mix up with nature and the environment around us so naturally rainwater would be no exception to this rule. While this is the case, it is important to note that with the rainwater harvesting system, one is actually trying to collect the rainwater before it comes in contact with the environment. The systems catch the rainwater before it sits around in nature and becomes filled up with its contaminants. Therefore, it actually is very pure for drinking. If you have some worrisome thoughts about it than just simply boil the water before you use it or throw it in a filter system. The water will surely be clean enough for safe drinking by then!

It Keeps the Environment Clean
Rainwater can also do a superb job at keeping the environment’s lakes and ponds clean. The reason why our environment faces such a serious problem with dirty lakes and ponds is due to the fact that rainwater runoff comes in contact pesticides and fertilizers that are put into the ground. This water then comes in contact with our surface water which then makes the lakes and ponds in our environment contaminated with all those pesticides and fertilizers floating around. This completely destroys animal life as well as lowers the percentage of water that we can use for drinking water. By choosing to rainwater harvest, one can allow for runoff to not come in contact with surface water, decreasing the risk of dirty ponds and lakes.

Reduction of Storm water Runoff
In addition to reducing storm water runoff to prevent contamination by pesticides and fertilizers, lowering storm water runoff can also prevent floods and soil erosion. The effect of a storm’s runoff can lead to damaging floods that can destroy homes and businesses and create a serious disaster to people. Collecting that rainwater decreases the risk of flood and eliminates all the hazards that come with it. In addition to this it can also decrease how much soil erosion can take place by storm water runoff water. This is important because soil erosion leads to loss of topsoil which is the most organic and nutrient rich soil out there.

Storm water
It has become routine for us as a society to be hesitant about trying new things. A lot of people are afraid of change and prefer to stick to what they know even if they know it is not good for them. Indeed, making the change is hard, but it is a change that will make an incredible difference on humanity and the environment. The change can change the lives of future generations and impact the world they live in. Choosing to research and understand alternatives to problems we see happening around the world is one step towards a brighter and sustainable future.

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Water Purification Process

Water is essential for survival. All living things on this Earth need water in order to sustain themselves. Our body is made to function on water and without it, we cannot continue to perform at our maximum potential. Water is the key to four major functions within the body. This includes cell life, chemical and metabolic reactions, the transport of nutrients and the removal of waste, as well as the regulation of body temperature. It is for these reasons that water is so beyond important for us. Upon the consumption of water, it is necessary that one should not just pay attention to how much water they are drinking daily, but also where their water comes from. Water comes in all different types of sources naturally and just because it is water, does not mean that it is always good for us. There are certain types of water that will actually be incredibly harmful to your body and for this reason it is critical to do your own research on what kind of water is the best water out there for you. If you are super busy and do not have the time to do extensive research than look no further! This article will give you the lowdown on the best water you should be drinking, to ensure the healthiest perfect-hydration.com/">hydration possible!

The Issue with Other Types of Water

When choosing the water that will best hydrate you while keeping you healthy, it is no secret that purified water takes the lead. It excels in ways that other forms of water like distilled, tap, spring, etc. cannot. Before I give you the why on what makes purified water the best choice, let’s give the basics on why other kinds of water just don’t cut it. Let’s start with tap water. Regular tap water is by law safe to consume, but scientists still argue firmly that it is not the best way to hydrate yourself properly. It comes from a municipal source and no other ingredients are added to it, but what is considered safe and usual (like fluoride). Yet this water can still be legally safe while harboring a certain concentration of contaminants and bacteria. For example, a new study performed by the Environmental Working Group or (EWG) stated that they had found alarming levels of chromium-6 in drinking water that approximately 200 million Americans drink from all states. Chromium-6 is known as an odorless and tasteless metallic element that occurs naturally within the environment. It is found in all living things from rocks to plants, and to soil. The breathing in of the particles can cause lung cancer. Liver damage, reproductive problems, developmental harm, and poses a greater risk on infants and children. In all chromium-6 is known to be incredibly bad for your health. In addition, tap water tends to leave behind a very mineral and heavy taste to it that makes it unpleasant to consume daily. Now let’s move on to distilled water. Distilled water is actually a lot safer to consume than tap water due to the fact that it goes through a rigorous filtration process to rid it of its contaminants. The bad side? Well this filtration system rids the water of all its beneficial minerals. I mean what would be the point of drinking distilled water if you wouldn’t actually be able to reap the benefits of drinking water? Spring water is another type of water that should not be enjoyed for everyday consumption. It comes most commonly in the form of bottled water, which many people tend to get their daily water intake from. Yet, it is a mystery in terms of how safe it actually is because although it is labeled as natural spring water, many bottled water companies have been able to get away with extracting the water from other unknown sources. This makes our understanding of how safe this water is a lot more muddled. In addition, the NRDC aka the Natural Resources Defense Council, performed many studies on bottled water and came to the conclusion that bottled water actually harbored a lot of contaminants from coliform to arsenic to phthalates. In other words, spring water is no go for the optimal safe drinking water. For these reasons we now stress the why on choosing purified water!

Why Choose Purified Water?

Water ranges from all different types. There is tap water, purified water, distilled water, spring water, and more! With an intensive amount of research being done, it can be concluded that purified water is actually the best water to drink. Research done on other types of water have shown that despite the fact that other kinds of water may be safe to drink within legal terms, this does not make it completely safe for the body. At the end of the day the amount of filtration and purification that these types of water go through cannot compare to purified water. For this reason, purified water remains as the top of the line water for the safest consumption. In addition to this benefit, you can actually taste how pure purified water is and its taste is most preferred over any other type of water! If you are still a bit skeptical on just how much cleaner purified water is then no problem! We will be going over the process in great detail, but in a nutshell, one could say that purified water goes through a majorly, complex system to completely remove any sort of contaminants or gases from the water. The purification of water can actually work to reduce the concentration of certain particulate matter like suspended particles and gases, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, and more! This system allows the water to not only taste better but be incredibly safe to drink as well!

The Process to Crisp, Purified Water
The process to crisp, purified water is most definitely not a one-way path. One can take many different approaches and methods to reach this desired water. The many processes that purified water can go through to become purified include physical methods such as filtration and sedimentation, biological processes such as slow sand filters, and biologically active carbons, or other chemical methods like flocculation and chlorination. We will not be going over the detailed process of all these types of methods, just know they do exist! One process we will be focusing on heavily is the many different methods associated with filtration.

Filtration for Purified Water


Course Filtration – In the process of course filtration, the main objective is to remove coarse suspended solids within the water that could deposit on the filtration equipment creating corrosion sites. This type of filtration can also be known as particle filtration and can catch contaminants as little as 1 mm sand or as big as 1 micron.

Micro Filtration – Microfiltration is another type of filtration that is used to catch incredibly small contaminants. It holds the name of micro filtration because its complex system is used to catch and sift out any contaminants that are considered to be not visible with the naked eye. It is best used for filtering out the bacteria.

Ultrafiltration – Ultrafiltration is most commonly used as a pre-reverse osmosis process in which it reduces the silt density index of water. This helps to remove particulates that can harm or damage the reverse osmosis membranes. It utilizes a medium that is fine enough to retain colloidal particles, viruses, or large molecules. It is best known for removing pyrogens, endotoxins, DNA, and RNA fragments.

Reverse Osmosis – Reverse osmosis is considered to be the most refined degree of liquid filtration. It utilizes a porous type of material (instead of a filter) that acts like a sieve, working to separate molecular-sized particles. It begins with the use of a high-pressure pump to increase the pressure on the side where the non-purified water is. It shoots the water through the sieve, allowing for around 95% to 99% of the other particles and contaminants to be left behind. The rejected salt and contaminants are then pushed through a stream known as the reject stream and ends up being drained. The clean water then ends up on the other side of the sieve and is now known as the product water. Reverse osmosis is very well known for removing a myriad of contaminants and particles such as dissolved salts or ions, particles, colloids, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens.

Other Methods
Activated Carbon Adsorption – This operates almost like a magnet to remove chlorine or organic compounds. This method is based on the adsorption of contaminants onto the surface of a filter. It works to effectively remove certain organics that can create unwanted tastes and odors (hence why purified water tastes so good) and can also aid in removing chlorine, fluorine, and radon from the drinking water.

Contaminants to Watch Out For
In addition to getting a better understanding of the many complex processes used to make purified water the safest in terms of drinking water, it is also important to give a little background on the type of contaminants one should never want in their water. With the processes laid out above, these methods are able to effectively remove a majority of these contaminants so that you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t consuming them. Having an understanding of what type of contaminants are sitting in your water can also help you to make more informed decisions about where your water comes from and what it should not have in order to be considered purified.

Regular drinking water should not have…

Particulates: Silt and debris which can be removed by passing water through a 10-20 micron filter.
Microorganisms: This means bacteria. Bacteria are a very serious threat to your drinking water. Their growth rate, size, and robustness require a very unique and complex system in order to be rid of. This is why purified water remains the best choice. Purification systems help to detect bacteria, inhibit growth, and efficiently remove the bacteria while also killing off any secretions or cellular fragments that the bacteria can leave behind.

Endotoxins, pyrogens, DNA, and RNA: These are the cellular fragments and by product left behind by bacteria.

Dissolved Inorganic Elements: This includes a myriad of elements such as phosphates, nitrates, calcium, magnesium, carbon dioxide, silicates, iron, chloride, fluoride, and any other man made or natural chemicals. The existence of such elements in drinking water pose a threat to the hardness of water and the alkalinity/acidity aspect as well.

Dissolved Organic Elements: This includes pesticides, plant and animal remains, or plant and animal fragments.

The application of the mentioned processes above as well as other water purification processes allow for purified water to retain a reputation as being the best and cleanest water out there. The many diverse processes allow for unique ways to extract harmful contaminants and particles that occur naturally within our water. It is so important that when hydrating ourselves we take the time to understand that water is very much natural and prone to all naturally occurring elements (both good and bad) that exist within our environment. It is our responsibility that we acknowledge the many kinds of water and what they can do for our health so that we can take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and keep the risk of harmful illnesses at bay. It is important that we understand that while water itself is good for us, the many things found in water and within nature are not exactly the best for our bodies. Choosing to drink purified water is choosing to live a healthy and hydrated life. Be smart about the water you decide to put into your body and then begin to see all the amazing benefits that water can give your body. Making these informed and researched decisions now means a happier and healthier future for not only you, but your family as well. Don’t be misinformed now that you have read this article and start inquiring about the water that you are drinking currently. Who knows maybe you need to change the kind of water you are drinking currently and doing so now may help you immensely in the future!

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Environmental Benefits of BPA Free Water Bottles

Water is so beyond necessary for living the best you out there. Water makes the world a more beautiful place. It replenishes us leaving us happy and healthy while it replenishes our earth filling it with beautiful plants and food. There is no doubt that us and our planet rely on water as a way to sustain life and all of its beauty. That is why it is so important that when choosing the best way to keep yourself happy and healthy that you choose something that keeps the world around you beautiful and thriving, especially since we are very much affected by our surroundings. The world around us has the power to make us feel healthy, change our moods, and inspire us. Without the world’s beauty we would never be the same. It is upon this understanding that we as humans take the time to understand how the choices we make can affect us and the world around us. There are a lot of things out there that have the power to affect the world around us in both negative and positives ways and most of the time we do not even realize it. For example, we will focus our attention on one certain product that circulates around the world and has become the most common way for people to stay hydrated. This is the infamous water bottles. Non-disposable water bottles are so common around the world. It is an easy way for people to stay hydrated on the go no matter where they are. It’s convenient. Sounds good, right? Not exactly. While it may be convenient for many people out there the effects that hard-plastic water bottles can have on not only you, but the environment around you, should be enough for people to reconsider whether it is truly worth it.

What is the Problem with Plastic Water Bottles?
Many people tend to turn towards hard plastic water bottles as a way to diminish the amount of plastic that they use and throw away. Our world is succumbing to a major issue with the amount of plastic we tend to use and throw away and this has lead to many environmentalists advocating for people to turn towards non-disposable plastic items in the form of water bottles, straws, utensils, etc. This is a good measure, but in the midst of advocating for such measures, many refuse to acknowledge that people should be very careful when choosing where they buy their non-disposable plastic items. They can end up being a serious harm to them and the environment since many hard-plastic products are infamous for carrying a certain chemical known as bisphenol-A or BPA.

What is bisphenol-A or BPA?

BPA or bisphenol-A is known as a chemical that is added to many commercial products. The chemical was first founded around 128 years in the 1890s by chemists, but it was not until the 1950s that chemists realized they could mix it with other compounds to produce a type of polycarbonate plastic that would be both strong and resilient. BPA is also commonly used for making a substance known as epoxy resin, which is put in the inner lining of canned food containers as a protective measure against corrosion or breakage of the can. As of now, many household items are made of this chemical including hard plastic water bottles, plastic food containers, canned foods, toiletries, sports equipment, hygiene products, electronics, eyeglass lenses, and more!

What is the Deal Between BPA and the Environment?

Now that you have a more better understanding of what BPA is and why companies use it often in their products, it is now imperative that one understands the harmful effects that BPA can have on the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency around 1 million pounds of BPA are released into the environment each year. There have been many studies that have shown that high BPA levels may be linked to horrible health effects in humans such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. These studies have shown that there could be a possibility that high levels of BPA released into the environment could cause serious damage to the animal life. BPA toxicity could end up disrupting the health of many wildlife and aquatic animals which could ultimately lead to death. There is no doubt that disruption in the wildlife of a certain area proves to be extremely harmful for the environment. Many animals have very important roles in the environment. For example, if all the carnivorous animals were to die out then there would be a period of time in which only prey animals would go into reproduction, increasing in large numbers and resulting in a large consumption of food sources at a rate that such food sources cannot replenish. This leads to starvation and a loss of vegetation within the area. The ecosystem could turn into a desert if food sources are taken out at extremely high rates and there are no carnivores to take out the large number of herbivores. Now let us look at the exact opposite. If all the herbivores died out, then the carnivores would have no animals to eat and they would eventually die out. All of the species and diversity in that area would cease to exist anymore and most likely over time entire niches and ecosystems would collapse. Now I am in absolutely no way saying that releasing BPA into the environment would lead to catastrophic events like this. Absolutely not. But these examples show to us that our environment is a fragile one. Wildlife are a necessity to our environment and as humans if we do not take the necessary measures to ensure that any possible threat to wildlife is eradicated then we choose to put our environment and ourselves in danger. BPA has proven to have harmful health effects on humans and high levels of BPA over time can lead to serious issues for animals. That is why it is so important that we work collectively to limit our use of BPA products, so that we are more safe than sorry.

Environmental Benefits of BPA Free Water Bottles

You Get Rid of all the BPA
The benefits of BPA Free water bottles on the environment would first be of course the fact that we eradicated a possible threat to wildlife. Research hasn’t been crazy extensive in understanding the levels that BPA need to be in order to produce serious toxicity, but there have been some alarming case studies that show us that too much of it can in no way be good for us and environment. Since we ourselves do not know how much is too much, it is just best that we avoid the situation altogether. By choosing to switch to BPA free water bottles you are choosing to save the wildlife and their habitats. You are offering them the best chances at the safest habitat and best possible life that they can live while on this earth, something that BPA plastic water bottles do not have enough credibility to claim.

No More Plastic Water Bottles & No More Deaths
In addition to this benefit, think about the fact that BPA free water bottles are still reusable water bottles. This means that you do not dispose of them after one drink, rather you can continuously use them over and over again without ever having to worry about the fact that you are dumping away large amounts of plastic in the trash. This is a major environmental benefit. Non-reusable plastic has been continuously proven as incredibly harmful for the environment. For example, the plastic bottle caps used with plastic water bottles are currently not recyclable so they often end up at the bottom of the ocean. Innocent marine animals end up dying from consuming these plastic caps, thinking that it is food.

Stop the Fossil Fuel Waste
The production of plastic water bottles requires the use of fossil fuel. This process includes expending about 17 million barrels of oil. Keep in mind that fossil fuel is a limited natural resource already (a major red flag) and is used for many other things besides water bottle production. Manufacturing plants are required to burn the oil during production of water bottles and this ends up releasing a copious amount of dirty pollution into the area, which is obviously very unsafe for our environment. It disrupts our earth’s ozone layer by breaking it down and it is incredibly harmful to humans. In addition, 17 million barrels is a heck of a lot of oil and you could use this oil to power around one million cars for an entire year! BPA free water bottles are reusable therefore you eradicate the problem of ever needing to buy plastic water bottles.

Avoiding the Foundation for Invasive Species
Plastic that isn’t disposed of properly can end up floating around on water for thousands of years (it is not very good to breakdown). The fact that plastic waste can float on water for that long is not good at all since they can serve as flotation devices for invasive species to transport around and disrupt the wildlife and habitats of those around.

Eliminating the Plastic Landfill Problem
The problem with plastic waste can also be attributed to the fact that we accumulate so much plastic waste from the amount of water bottles that we use daily that plastic waste has become such a major issue in regards to how to get rid of it. It shortens up the space in landfills, which increases the possibility of the plastic getting out and around in habitats and wildlife. In addition, plastic that is buried deep within landfills end up seeping out a lot of harmful chemicals that go into the groundwater. Groundwater can sometimes be used and filtrated for drinking water. Having all of these extra chemicals in it can pose serious health risks to people and cause pollution to the soil within the environment (which need to be in good condition so that plants and grass can grow).

The Overall Picture
The big picture when it comes to the issues that water bottles pose for our environment include the fact that water bottles are made of a plastic known as polyethylene terephthalate which are incredibly hard to biodegrade completely. They eventually break down into smaller fragments over time. These fragments then proceed to pollute the waterways, contaminating soil, and sickening the animals (both wildlife and livestock). Since plastic trash takes centuries to decompose while in the landfills, we end up getting stuck with endless billions of little, tiny, environmentally poisonous fragments that can do a lot of harm. According to the Ocean Conservatory, plastic bottles are actually the most prevalent form of pollution found on our beaches and oceans. About every square mile of the ocean contains about 46,000 pieces of floating plastic in it! That is a ton of plastic that marine animals can get caught in or consume leading to severe, painful injuries or resulting in death. Overall the big picture with plastic water bottles and the environment is not pretty bottom line and it is so important that people realize this and take the necessary steps to stop this for us, our animals, and our home. Choosing BPA free water bottles ensure that you do not harm the environment the way that soft plastic water bottles can. In addition to that, while choosing to use BPA-free non-disposable water bottles you can also be sure that you are still not posing a threat to the environment. An overall win-win situation.

As you can see the deal with water and plastic is quite tricky. Water bottles always seem like good convenience for us. You buy it at the store, take it wherever you go, and boom you get instant and clean water. Yet when making decisions for ourselves sometimes convenience isn’t the only thing we should focus on. Look for BPA free hard plastic water bottles! You will never have to accumulate large amounts of plastic waste ever again and you can hydrate easily knowing that you are making the best choice for a healthier you and a healthy environment. BPA free offers you the opportunity to pass up on risky health effects like contributing to a BPA environment (one that is not good considering we don’t have a very vivid picture of what we are dealing). So, do your research now and smile later that you are taking care of yourself and the world around you!

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Water: Need to Save for Tomorrow

Water is the most essential key to survival for the planet and all forms of life. Life (both plants and animals) would be unable to sustain themselves without the help of water. After all, plants need water to survive and all animals need water considering more than half of their body is made up of water. Life in all forms is what makes the world so beautiful and without water, one could kiss all of that beauty goodbye. Water is so necessary to us. It is single handedly the number one source of our existence and there is no doubt that many people already know this fact. It is not rocket science to humanity in terms of understanding just how important water is. People get it. Yet, the most peculiar and wondrous thing about humanity is why people understand the necessity of water and how hard it is to make sure water stays at consistent levels, yet they waste it like it is something that will constantly be in supply ready at their command. If water could be so magical that it would appear at our fingertips, whenever we asked then that would be amazing, but unfortunately that is not the case. While the properties that water can produce for life on earth is surely magical, water does not have the ability to consistently be readily available when we need it. What does this mean? It means we need to be so beyond careful when it comes to water. We as a part of this world, need to take the necessary measures and do our part to ensure that we conserve our water today for a brighter future tomorrow. Hopefully this article can persuade and help people understand why it is so important to conserve water and the consequences it can bring if we do not.

Why Do We Need to Conserve Water?

When informing people on the importance of water conservation, it is always important to first tackle the why aspect of this equation. Many people from the beginning do not take water conservation efforts seriously considering that water seems to be everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Water in the arctic, the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, glaciers, etc. Water covers 71% of our Earth which makes people beg the question why should we care when water literally makes up more than half of the planet we live on? Well, I’ll tell you the deal with this simple statistic – 97% of Earth’s water is salt water, meaning it is a no go for drinking purposes. This means that only 3% of Earth’s water can help quench the thirst of 7.2 billion people around the world. Further examining this 3%, one realizes that 2% of that 3% of fresh water is actually locked in ice caps and glaciers meaning we have not developed the resources to use that water, therefore really only 1% of Earth’s water is actually available for the world to drink. Populations are constantly growing, birth rates are succeeding the amount of death rates, and the bottom line is that at the rate we are going (factoring in the amount of water that is normally used by a person for drinking, bathing, washing, leisure activities, etc.) that 1% of water is honestly not going to be enough to sustain us. This could lead to serious consequences and horrible global events.

What Type of Consequences Can We Expect?

The events that follow the horrible situation of not having enough water will be entirely catastrophic. Here are some of the consequences one can expect if the world does not conserve our very limited water supply.

Demand for water is in line with growing populations. As populations increase, the demand for water increases as well. If water supplies were to decrease than conflicts can come about as people will desperately seek water for survival. The Secretary General of the United Nations has stated that if one part of the world were to run out of water (mostly naturally dry and hot areas) the population of that area would have to migrate elsewhere, putting a huge strain on the areas that still have a little bit of water. Having so many people in one area trying to have control over the limited water supply would undoubtedly lead to violence and conflict between many, making this a very intense and difficult situation to experience and control.

Diminished Food Supply
Beyond just water being used directly for our consumption or bathing purposes, water is also very much tied to our food. Majority of the natural and fresh food we eat cannot exist without water. Our livestock, which is used for meat consumption, would die out without water meaning there would be no way to eat meat anymore. Other types of food such as vegetables, fruit, and grain would not exist because they need water as well in order to grow. That would then cancel out half of the possible food supply around the world. This would then cause very appalling situations to occur such as more conflict and starvation. The population and life itself would die out. Humans, animals, plants, habitat, ecosystems, etc. would eventually be wiped away. Already, alarming real-life events such as decline in water have already been taking place in different parts of the world which shows us that the beginning of a limited water supply is already taking place. In fact, the U.S. Geological Survey reports that groundwater levels and storage are continuing to decline in places such as Central Valley in California. Food is obviously very important so it is not hard to see how not conserving our water or caring about how much water we use, can be very serious and lead to harmful disturbances to life on Earth.

People Won’t Be Able to Afford It
As demand for a limited and diminishing water supply increases so will the costs of receiving water. Essentially in a hypothetical situation in which water supplies have reduced dramatically, the local municipality would have to be responsible for delivering the fresh water to your home and because of the high demand of such a limited resource, they are going to make you pay a hefty price for it. Which may be okay for some people, but for a lot of people, such a concept would not bear too well for them and their financial situations. Water bills are going to be crazy high as people will not only have to pay more for the increased amount of water that they used, but generally will have to just pay a higher price due to the fact that they are using water to begin with and water is very limited.

These are a few of the problems the world will have to face if they decide to not take water conservation efforts seriously. Yet, if people do decide to conserve their water then many of these disastrous situations can be avoided and people can reap the beautiful benefits of having an abundant water supply such as saving money, protected water resources, minimized pollution and health risks, reduced costs, healthy aquatic environments, and energy being saved in terms of pumping, heating, and treating water. Overall water conservation can save you a serious headache from future problems and can offer the world a wide variety of benefits such as being able to live your life.

How One Can Conserve Their Water

Here are three little handy (and not super difficult or time consuming) water conservation efforts that you can start with today and work towards a beautiful future for tomorrow. They are not difficult to follow and they will make you realize how doing small, little things like this can really make an impact for the world!

Showers Do Not Need to Be An Hour Long
Honestly a lot of people do love a good, long shower and not going to lie after an incredibly long and hard day sometimes people need a long shower to unwind and relax, but does it have to be a shower? Maybe next time if you are looking for a way to relax, choose to bathe instead and fill up only half the bathtub with water. This way your shower is not spewing water out for a long hour to an hour and a half, wasting precious water. In addition, not every time do your showers need to be so long! Maybe set a day where you can treat yourself to a nice bath and on all the other days when you need to shower, try to keep your showering to a basic 15-20-minute shower. This way you can do your part in lowering the amount of water you use!

Turn the Faucet Off
It really is not necessary to have the faucet running while you are washing your hands, shaving, or brushing your teeth and face. You would be surprised how much water you are actually wasting when you spend every day scrubbing your face, hands, or brushing your teeth while not turning off the faucet. It isn’t hard to reach down and turn the water off while you take the time to do those things. It will only take a second and I guarantee you that the benefits that you will receive in the future from taking that second every day to turn the tap off will be well worth it!

Fix Leaks Quickly
No doubt it is very frustrating when one already has a very busy work or school schedule ahead of them and are then bothered by nuisances such as a leak in your pipe or faucet. It sucks to have to add another chore to your never-ending list of things to do. I get it. You get overwhelmed, you reach a point where you say to yourself “I have no time to deal with this today” and you choose to deal with it another day, but then another day turns into another day then another then another day and then soon weeks have gone by and that faucet is still leaking. It happens, but if you really are serious about getting that water conservation down then take care of the situation immediately. The moment you know it is leaking, either fix it yourself (if you are that cool and handy) or call someone up and have someone do it for you. Either way it has to be done eventually and it is better to do it at that moment rather than later because even though leaky faucets only produce a tiny drop of water every once in a while, you would be very amazed to find out how much water it eventually adds up to. It is a lot! If you truly care about your environment then take some time out of your day and get it done! I guarantee you that you are setting yourself up for a better tomorrow for not only you, but the rest of the world.

Water is so important for us and it can be very easy to tread down a path where we understand its value but see it as something that will always be there for us whenever we need it. We are used to living in a country where we are very privileged and lucky to have water there at the press of a refrigerator button or the push of a faucet handle We have always been able to have water readily available at our fingertips at all times and for that reason it makes us feel less appreciative and understanding of how limited water actually is. When we take the time to actually think about it, beyond the fact that we can have it in less than a second, we realize that we are so beyond lucky to not be in a serious problem in which we have no access to water or have to actually fight to get access to water. Just because it is here now does not mean it will be here forever and if we continue to walk down this path where we are ignorant of the importance of saving water, then for sure our future generations will never have the privilege that we had, and that will be really sad. Make the easy change today so that tomorrow won’t have to.

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Hydration: Beauty Benefits

You are what you eat. One of the most common phrases used to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle made with healthy food choices. In this case, it is also important to say that you are what you drink as well. Many people make the mistake of believing that healthy foods are the most important component of reaping health benefits and while may be true, what you drink can have major effects on your health. Drinks with high caffeine, sugar, dairy, etc. can have serious effects on your health and body as well. What you choose to put in your body through consumption of food and drinks, always has some consequence for you no matter what. That is why it is so important that you choose the right food and drinks to put in your body. One of the best things you can do to reap the best health benefits from what you drink and eat, is by consuming water or eating foods with a high-water content in them! These are great ways to see beautiful health benefits for your body that will actually affect your physical appearance as well! If you are over having dry skin, acne, a splotchy skin tone, or a horrible hair day etc. then look no more! Drinking water can help with all of that and so much more! You often hear about the amazing health benefits that water can provide for you, but today you are going to learn about everything water can do for you and your outer appearance!

The Lowdown on the Importance of Water
Water is so essential for your life. The entire human body is made up of about 50-70% of water. Since more than half of your body is made up of water, it is not hard to understand then how essential water is for you. Water is designed to cleanse the body of toxins and waste. It circulates throughout our lymphatic system to carry out the nutrients from the food we eat. There is so much that water can do for us and for that reason the concept of water having an effect on our beauty and health would make a lot of sense.

The Deal with Water and Your Beauty
Water has incredible benefits for your outer appearance that a lot of people don’t really think about! Choosing to drink water to better your appearance is a much more affordable option over choosing to shell out loads of money on expensive creams, lotions, powders, and more! When it comes to skin and face care, water can help you a lot in the department of physical appearance and here is how!

Benefits of Water for the Skin

Younger Looking Skin
Your skin is like an organ and of course like every organ (and practically everything in your body) is made up of cells. Those cells are made up of water and need water to carry out the many functions that your cells are designed to do. Without sufficient water, your cells cannot perform at optimal levels and this leads to consequences for your body that include the skin! Water helps to maintain the moisture within your skin tone. This greatly aids in making sure that your skin does not dry up due to dehydration. Dry skin is very damaging for both health and beauty benefits because the appearance of dry skin makes the skin look rough and flaky, which nobody wants to deal with. In addition to that, those who have dry skin are more prone to having wrinkles on their face, making them appear a lot older than they actually are! The skin also loses its elasticity in the process, which is extremely frustrating considering elasticity is necessary for the appearance of younger looking skin. Drinking the recommended amount of water daily can help immensely in delaying the appearance of ageing, wrinkles, and fine lines – a win for everyone! It would also mean a goodbye to the expensive topical creams that are meant to prevent aging. Younger looking skin and more money in your pocket? Doesn’t sound like a terrible idea!

Get that Glow Going
Everyone likes a little glow in their life! Having a radiant and glowing face is something that everyone strives to achieve. A glowing face indicates that you are healthy, energized, and happy. Water can help with that too! When your face glows and looks more radiant, it is often due to the fact that it is hydrated and moisturized. Hydrated skin means a more glistening you, with soft and supple skin. Moreover, water is great for flushing out all the toxins within your body! These toxins, once flushed out, leads to a more improved digestive system. With an improved digestive system, that works to constantly flush out all the bad stuff in your body, you can be assured that that your complexion stays glistening and lustrous all day long!

Say Bye Bye to Frustrating Skin Disorders
Skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis can be really damaging to one’s self confidence. Psoriasis is known as a chronic disease that starts from under the skin. It is often associated with producing red and flaky skin patches that almost look sort of plaque. It occurs when your immune system kicks into overdrive causing them to produce new skin cells at a rate of about 3-4 days instead of about 28-30 days. The body cannot shed the older skin cells fast enough and as a result the older skin cells pile atop the new skin cells, creating a plaque looking appearance on the skin. In terms of eczema, eczema is a skin condition in which patches of skin end up becoming rough and inflamed. This creates blisters on the skin that can becomes itchy and bleed. It is fair to say that in both cases; these skin conditions are not enjoyable to have. In addition, shelling out money on topical treatments to relieve these skin conditions makes it even more frustrating to deal with. Water is a great way to combat these skin disorders so you don’t have to deal with the pain, money, and often low skin confidence that can come with it (although everyone is beautiful no matter what!).

Rid Your Skin of the Acne
It is important to note beforehand that while water can help with clearing acne flare ups, it is not the cure to a complete and clear face alone. Do not replace proper perfect-hydration.com/">hydration with your normal skin care routine! A proper diet, skin routine, etc. is needed in combination with proper perfect-hydration.com/">hydration to ensure that you can provide the best results for your skin. Yet indeed, it is true that water can really help with red skin and acne flare ups. A lack of perfect-hydration.com/">hydration can throw off the natural hormones within your body. This sends signals to your sebaceous glands which then causes your body to overproduce what is known as sebum. Sebum is the root cause of acne breakouts and flares, so therefore a good lifestyle combined with perfect-hydration.com/">hydration can help fight off the acne you have been so desperately trying to fight off.

The Benefits perfect-hydration.com/">Hydration Can Do for Your Hair

Water doesn’t just have to be the savior you need for your skin! It can also be the answer to your prayers when it comes to your hair! Your hair is another part of your body that you can reap incredible benefits from with the proper and continuous consumption of water and here is the explanation on how this happens!

Say Goodbye to Dandruff and Hair Thinning
Everyone is pretty much aware of what dandruff is. They are the annoying little flakes that you can see at the top of your head sometimes and can pose a serious nuisance for those who have severe dandruff. It is embarrassing to have dandruff and it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of for those with the most severe dandruff. Sometimes simple drugstore shampoos and conditioners do not get the job done and it often leads to spending large amounts of money on expensive salon style or prescription hair products, just to get rid of it. Once again water can be what you need! With proper perfect-hydration.com/">hydration, the moisture on your scalp can be restored so that the scalp does not flake off dead skin cells. The roots of your hair and the scalp all have energy sensitive nerve endings as well as photosensitive nerve endings. Water has the potency to activate all of the nerve endings and sensors within the skin. It helps to enhance the scalp and vitality of the hair roots, encouraging hair growth as lowering the chances of hair loss.

The Facts on Hair Growth and Dehydration
Since the majority of the body is made of water, it would make sense that if the body is dehydrated then all the functions within the body work slow and sluggish. It isn’t rocket science when it comes to understanding that dehydration is going to directly affect your hair growth. Even with costly hair vitamins, a lack of sufficient water is enough to make those hair vitamins almost useless. If you want to see the most potential in what your hair can do for you then start drinking more water! Hair that is not hydrated properly will end up dry and withered. This process can impact your hair cycle and growth. It can also end up leaving your hair extremely dull, brittle, and dry (which nobody wants). The roots of your hair are the only direct source of water to the rest of your hair. The roots need the water that you drink so that your hair roots can soak it up and hydrate your hair follicles, stimulating hair growth.

So, in nutshell what can moisture do for your hair? Think hair that is longer, shinier, soft, smooth, less frizzy, vibrant in color and more! Everything you look for in hair with only consistent perfect-hydration.com/">hydration as the price you have to pay. Not bad at all.

Make Your Nails Strong

When your body is lacking in water and perfect-hydration.com/">hydration then your nails can also pay the sad price for it. Lack of perfect-hydration.com/">hydration can lead to nails that are brittle. Brittle nails are more prone to breaking and peeling. Not the most favorable nail conditions to have. By drinking more water, you help to promote more nail growth. In addition, it can also help with preventing cuticles that are dry and flaky. This ensures that your nails can look good even when the nail polish is off. Moreover, healthy and moisturized nails can also make your nails look good even with the nail polish on! So, you can flaunt your healthy nails all day long!

Cures Sunburn
Drinking water can also help greatly with the healing process that accompanies a sunburn. In addition to stocking up on aloe vera, when a sunburn occurs, it is often said that drinking water can help greatly in moving the recovery process along smoothly so that you don’t have to endure painful sunburns and the horrible appearance it can sometimes give.

From the skin, to the hair and nails, water can offer a myriad of benefits for your body and physical appearance so that you can feel and look your best in a way that everyone can tell. You do not have to feel as if you are at your worst anymore nor shell out all that extra money on expensive products to make you feel better. Water can help highlight the beauty you have and you don’t need to feel under the weather anymore. Water can also help improve energy and mood levels, leading to a feeling of higher self-confidence and happiness. So, don’t hesitate to grab a glass of water and get your perfect-hydration.com/">hydration on! Save up all the money you would’ve spent on beauty products and use that money for something else! Because your beautiful when you are natural and you, and water can really help bring out the person you are!

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Hydration Guideline for Athletes

There is no doubt that athletes have a hectic lifestyle. They are having to work hard and for long hours to constantly push their body physically. With all that physical effort and activity, athletes lose an insane amount of water that their body cannot simply replenish with drinking the standard daily amount of water. Athletes have to drink and consume more water than the standard amount if they want to stay fully hydrated and reap the right benefits from it. Their bodies have to stay in pristine condition so that they can perform at their best level and focus when it comes to game time. For some athletes, a game can put a lot on the line for them and water can be exactly what they need to keep that energy going on the field so that they can win. The process of hydrating the body is not entirely too different from how one should hydrate themselves if they are not an athlete. Yet there are some extra rules and tips that athletes need to pay attention to ensure that their body is healthy and hydrated at the time they need it to be. Here is the 411 on all things related to perfect-hydration.com/">hydration for athletes, so that they can tackle their practices and games like a pro!

What is at Stake?

Before delving into how athletes should stay hydrated, it is important to note and refresh on reasons behind why athletes need to stay hydrated in the first place. Sometimes when something like drinking water is so common, we often undermine the importance of it, since it is so mundane and something we are used to hearing all the time. We all know we need water to survive, but some people miss the mark when understanding just how much water we actually need in our daily life. This is why it is so important that one understands just what can happen when the right amount of water is not being consumed daily. When athletes choose or forget to drink the correct amount of water, then here is exactly what is at stake

Loss of Concentration
Practices are insanely important for sports. One who wants to do good in sports needs to practice daily and work hard so that they can put all their best energy into the game. When someone doesn’t drink enough water, their brain tends to slow down because it doesn’t have the correct amount of water it needs to function. A Tuft University study actually reported that mild dehydration – about 1-2% of water loss in body weight is enough to impair thinking. This can cause an athlete to lose focus or think at a much slower rate. If an athlete plays a sport that requires game plans to be memorized then optimal focus is needed so that the player can execute the game plan swiftly before the other team has time to react to what is happening. A dehydrated athlete will have a harder time memorizing the game plans, be slower in executing the game plan, and will react a lot slower to any hindrances or obstacles that come along the way. This is one way that dehydration can dramatically affect an athlete’s performance.

Sluggish Energy Levels
Not drinking enough water can also produce serious consequences on your energy levels. Water is needed in order for your body to be able to process and utilize nutrients from food. With low energy levels, your body cannot access nutrients from food or use them quick enough and as a result a person is more prone to sleepiness and a loss in their energy. Lack of perfect-hydration.com/">hydration leads to an imbalance in important electrolytes like sodium and potassium and this can cause impair your muscles and heart from working hard to keep the body moving. This can result in fatigue and a lag in reaction times – something that is not good for athletes. Athletes need to be at full energy levels and completely focused so that they can put the best energy they can into winning the game.

Weakened Immune System
Water is important for all the systems within your body. This also includes your immune system. Your immune system is a significant system in ensuring that your body does not get sick. It acts as a defense against foreign viruses or bacteria within the body and works to fight back so that you do not get sick. Water acts to flush out any toxins or waste within the body and this aids in making your immune system stronger in fighting back against illnesses. As an athlete, it is incredibly imperative that athletes have strong immune systems because they are constantly working every day for a couple hours a day and often have intense schedules where they play a lot of games and participate in a myriad of competitions. With such a busy schedule illness can deter athletes from playing well during games and it can also cause athletes to be completely removed from games if they are too sick to play. It is never fun to work hard for a game and then be removed or exempted because you are too sick to play. For that reason, perfect-hydration.com/">hydration is so important for the body and one should always remember to stay hydrated no matter what.

Guidelines for Athletes on perfect-hydration.com/">Hydration
Now that you understand how important it is for people and athletes specially to stay hydrated, it is now time to give the fundamentals, tips, and tricks on the ways that athletes can take extra care and precaution when it comes to making sure that they are good to go for practices and games! Read on to learn how you can always make sure that you are playing your games and practices at peak performance!

Pace Your Consumption of Water
It is often easy for someone to chug their water when they are feeling dehydrated and then turn back to it every hour or so to chug some more water down, but chugging is actually not the wisest to do if you are trying to hydrate effectively. Chugging your water actually causes your body to not be able to utilize all that water at once which means your body only retains a small amount of the water before it flushes the rest out and you find yourself constantly in the need of using the restroom! Using the restroom constantly during the game is not very convenient at all and should very much be avoided. In addition, the issue with constantly going to the bathroom and losing fluids, is that you lose more water and become dehydrated again. It becomes a vicious cycle the more that you chug water and it ends up being ineffective for perfect-hydration.com/">hydration. It is actually recommended that when trying to hydrate yourself you take smaller gulps of water every 15 to 20 minutes, that way your body has time to use the water it gets to perform the necessary bodily functions. It is recommended that you drink around 4-8 ounces of water every 15-20 minutes to reach the necessary perfect-hydration.com/">hydration.

Monitor Fluid Loss
Monitoring fluid loss is another great tip that athletes can utilize to make sure that they are staying on top of their water game. Managing fluid loss can help athletes gage their body in terms of how dehydrated or hydrated they are. Anytime you use the bathroom, be sure to replenish your body with water afterwards so that the fluid loss does not have any effect on your body. Before and after practice as well as before and after a game, you can weight yourself to see if there are any changes in your weight. If your weight has decreased a bit then that is a sign that you have lost some water. A 1-3% loss in body weight is a sign that you need to drink more water. For every pound you have lost, replenish the fluid back in your body by drinking about 20-24 ounces of water. Make sure though to drink it slowly and not all at once! Be sure to do it within two hours of your activity.

Examine the Signs
Another great way for athletes to keep themselves hydrated is by staying alert for any dramatic signs within their body that can signal their dehydration. Some signs that you should look out for while playing sports is a decrease in energy, muscle fatigue, reduction in your performance, muscle cramps, and a decline in coordination. Any of these are a sign that you are experiencing some dehydration and your body needs to be replenished with the proper fluid.

Hydrate with Foods as Well

In addition to drinking water or sports drinks to rev up your energy level, athletes can also lean towards fruit or veggies to get the job done. Try to bring fruits and veggies as a snack for the next practice as they can be a great source of perfect-hydration.com/">hydration. Fruits and veggies carry a high-water content and therefore are another great way for athletes to stay healthy and hydrated. Choose from a wide array of fruits and veggies like watermelons, apples, pineapples, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, spinach, lettuce, radishes, carrots, and more! You can even get creative and throw some fruits and veggies into your water so that you can spruce up the flavor a bit!

Choose a Sports Drink
In addition to drinking water to keep energy levels high, choosing a sports drink to stay hydrated is also very important as well! Sports drinks offer a great source of sodium, potassium, and carbohydrates. These are all elements that are so fundamental for perfect-hydration.com/">hydration. When choosing a sports drink do not be fooled with the overly flavorful sports drinks because while they may have the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs, they also come with high amounts of sugar that make them very unhealthy and not favorable to drink for your body. In this case be knowledgeable about the drinks you choose to have! Opt for coconut water if you can and keep both coconut water and regular water in your bag if you want! Remember that if you do choose sports drinks as a way to stay hydrated then you need to be active for over an hour in order to drink them.

Chart Your Daily Water Intake
If it is easier for you to have a plan when it comes to meeting certain goals then create a chart that maps out how much water you plan to drink daily and the times you are going to drink the water or sports drink. Think about where you plan to get your water from and designate a certain percentage of your water from food and a certain percentage from water or other hydrating drinks. Map out how many ounces you plan to drink by certain times of the day. Meeting your water goals is all about doing what works best for you! Find the best way for you to stay motivated and roll with it.

Here are a few of the many tips that athletes should take into account when it comes to hydrating their bodies. Athletes need to be focused when it comes to doing their job or simply what they love to do. If you are competitive in nature or want to see yourself improve more in practices then taking these tips into account can be a way to see an increase in your performance. It is important to always stay hydrated no matter what and give your body what it needs so that your body can reward you in the end. Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain simply because you forgot to drink a little bit of water. Figure out ways to motivate your water drinking habits if you find it hard to meet your daily intake and make water consumption a fun experience. Just because it is common for us to drink water does not mean that it has to be boring or mundane at all! Create a fun perfect-hydration.com/">hydration plan and do your best on the field, in the rink, or wherever you play!

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Fruits: Keep Us Hydrated

No matter your busy schedule, it is always so beyond important to stay hydrated. perfect-hydration.com/">Hydration is what keeps your body functioning at its best and most optimal levels while allowing you to handle your day at a much easier pace than someone who isn’t hydrated enough, yet with this being said, staying hydrated is a lot easier said than done. For some people, water is merely too boring to drink constantly on a day to day basis, and we often find our body craving other drinks instead like tea, coffee, juice, soda, and more. It isn’t easy to go out to a restaurant or hang out with friends at various places from malls to movie theaters and not reach for a fancy drink. It is quite easy to always pick the unhealthier alternatives over water. With that being said though perfect-hydration.com/">hydration never has to be a constant battle between choosing plain water over other delicious drinks. In fact, there are actually plenty of other ways that you can get the necessary perfect-hydration.com/">hydration you need in the day while also enjoying other drinks besides water. This perfect-hydration.com/">hydration can come from fruits. There is a plethora (and I mean plethora) of fruits that carry really high-water contents and can help aid your daily perfect-hydration.com/">hydration. In addition to the water benefits that these fruits provide for you, you also get a better alternative to the same water drinking methods every day. Fruit is a great way to not only hydrate yourself but to also provide you with a delicious snack to curb hunger and curb those sugar cravings you get in a much healthier way. Check out this list of fruits you can try out today to help keep yourself feeling as refreshed as can be!


A 2009 study was done at the University of Aberdeen Medical School to prove that combinations of various minerals and natural sugars within fruits and vegetables can actually hydrate you a lot better than water or sports drinks can and it turns out that watermelon came out as #1 on the list as the most hydrating of them all with a 92% water content in one cup! In addition, watermelon provides a lot of health benefits with vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, thiamine, and phosphorus. It contains lycopene which studies have shown can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancers, and can also protect the skin from harmful UV rays. You can enjoy the watermelon any way you like by juicing, blending it or eating it on its own!

Pears are really good for staying hydrated as their water content is at about 84%. In addition, they have soluble fibers that help you feel full a whole lot longer so you in the long run it can also keep you hydrated and help you lose weight. Pears contain sugar that are easily converted by the body as energy, providing you with the power to get through the day happily and healthily. It can also be a great source of food when you are sick because the energy allows your body to more readily absorb the liquids it takes in.


Pineapples are a great way to keep you hydrated considering their water content is around 87%. They contain bromelain in them which helps give the pineapples anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain provides a numerous amount of benefits such as reducing swelling and inflammation, easing digestion, help aid in wound healing, reduce muscular or joint pain, reduce allergies, and promote good heart health. It can also improve blood circulation and immunity, prevent arthritis, cancer, heart diseases, as well as provide great oral and eye health. With all of those benefits, pineapple definitely is a powerful fruit that you should try to reap the benefits of, especially when it comes to perfect-hydration.com/">hydration.

Mangoes range at an average of 83% water content. Mangoes are also a great fruit that you can eat and enjoy while reaping great benefits for your body. Mangoes are a great source of fiber and it helps with your digestive system and skin, which is an incredibly great benefit for your health. A healthy digestive system means a strong immune system followed by clear, glowing, and younger-looking skin. The fruit is rich in various vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, E, and beta carotene, all of which work well in keeping your skin rejuvenated and healthy. Mangoes are also a great way to support healthy hair growth and a nourished scalp.


Apples are another great fruit if you are trying to increase the amount of water you consume daily. Apples have a water content of about 84% and contain so many other nutrients that make this fruit a super fruit worth consuming more often. In addition to the water content, apples are also linked to lower cholesterol levels, weight loss, and preventing a lot of chronic health issues such as asthma, diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular disease and more! They are also incredibly rich in various antioxidants and vitamins that can reduce the risk of dementia, stroke, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and more. Choosing to eat apples is a great way to not only get your daily perfect-hydration.com/">hydration and keep yourself healthy in the moment, but a great way to also watch out for your health in the future – which is so beyond important.

Strawberries have an incredibly high-water content at about 92%. This makes them an incredibly great fruit for perfect-hydration.com/">hydration and a plus is that they are naturally sweet and super delicious. You can cut them up and throw them in with other fruits in a delicious fruit salad or eat them plain! Strawberries contain a plethora of good vitamins and ingredients such as vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, and potassium. They can offer you a wide array of benefits from anti-aging effects to good cardiovascular health. They are also really great for eye health. These little fruits contain nutrients that destroy the presence of free radicals which are so beyond harmful for the eye. Free radicals cause damage to the eyes through degeneration of optic nerves, macular degeneration, vision defects, and a strong vulnerability to eye infections. Strawberries can prevent all of this! Eat a cup a day and see some impressive results.


Raspberries are another example of little fruits that can do a lot for you. Raspberries carry a water content of about 87%. They are packed with an antioxidant known as ellagic acid. This acid is thought to help fight and prevent various forms of cancer by stopping the growth of certain types of cancer cells that can grow and progress in places such as the skin, breast, lung, and esophagus. They also contain vitamin C which can effectively help improve your skin by reducing age spots, discoloration, and wrinkles, all of which makes your skin look absolutely healthy and glowing.

Red Grapes
Red grapes possess a water content percentage of about 81%. These little fruits also contain an extremely potent antioxidant known as resveratrol, an antioxidant most known for reducing the risk of heart disease. Resveratrol has also been linked to a lower risk of cancer and reducing acne if combined with benzoyl peroxide as a topical treatment. These fruits also contain high levels of potassium which can have a good effect on blood pressure and keeping the blood pressure stable. All in all, grapes contain a great amount of benefits for your body, including the water content aspect of it and it is a fruit one should take into consideration for their overall health and well-being!

Hydrating Fruit Smoothies

In addition to eating fruits as a way to keep yourself hydrated on days when you are not feeling the taste of water, you could also make smoothies or fresh juices as another great way to get plenty of hydrating fruits into your system. Take these smoothie and juice recipes into consideration when thinking about the ways you can hydrate yourself. They are absolutely delicious and can only do good for you (just be sure to not overdo it by adding extra sugar as that takes away from the nutritional value of the smoothies!)
If you want to get even more creative, personalize your own smoothies by blending in your own favorite fruits and veggies, to see what you come up with. The process can be a rewarding and fun experience for you.

Ginger Plum Flower Smoothie
This smoothie is a great way to get your perfect-hydration.com/">hydration in and it contains ingredients that provide so many other advantages for your body. The ginger and chia seeds help to give your skin a nice glow due to the vitamin E. The plums and oranges help with packing in the vitamin C which is a vitamin that is extremely potent in keeping your immune system healthy and sick free! This smoothie provides energy, anti-inflammatory properties, glowing skin, and a major immune boost! Enjoy this recipe from greenblender.com


• 4 oz beets – scrubbed, chopped
• 1 orange – peeled
• 2 plums – pitted
• 1/2-inch ginger – peeled
• 1/2 lemon – juiced
• 1 tbsp chia seeds
• 1 cup water
• 1 cup ice

Simply blend it all in and enjoy an amazing start to your day and mood!

Strawberry and Watermelon Smoothie
We have already talked about all the amazing benefits that strawberries provide for you from cardiovascular health to skin protection. They are packed with great sources of vitamins and antioxidants that work to keep you healthy and hydrated at all times! If you are very energetic and on the go constantly than choosing this smoothie is a great way to satiate your thirst as opposed to the traditional cup of water! Sweet and delicious in a natural way that doesn’t harm your body like added sugar does while also satisfying your sugar cravings! Enjoy this smoothie recipe from popsugar.com

• 1 cup watermelon
• 1/4 cup strawberries
• 1/2 cucumber
• 1/2 serving vanilla plant-based protein powder (I used Vega Performance Protein: 65 calories, 13 grams protein)
• 1/2 cup pure, unsweetened coconut water
• 4 ice cubes
Blend until smooth and marvel at the delicious and refreshing taste of a strawberry and watermelon smoothie!

The Simple Green Smoothie
This smoothie is another great recipe that you can try out on those days when plain water isn’t cutting it for you at the moment. This smoothie contains a plethora of hydrating fruits and vegetables with high water contents from celery, cucumber, kale, and kiwi. The best part is the smoothie is quite light and airy making it perfect for those who are sensitive to high amounts of fruits and veggies at once. The greens and kiwi help to provide vitamin C, the avocado provides a good amount of monounsaturated fats, while all the ingredients contain a good amount of potassium. Enjoy this smoothie from rebootwithjoe.com.

• 1/2 cup (125 ml) water
• 1 apple
• 1 kiwi
• 3 stalks celery
• ½ cucumber
• ¼ avocado
• 1-inch piece of ginger
Directions Wash all fruit and produce thoroughly. Core the apple, peel kiwi, chop celery and cucumber, and be sure to peel the ginger. Throw all ingredients into the blender and blend on high for about 45-60 seconds.
It is so beyond important that you take the time to understand your body and its needs. Staying hydrated is so necessary because it is perfect-hydration.com/">hydration that allows you to have the best moods, energy, and feel the best on the inside. You will feel happier and healthier, and you don’t have to worry about getting sick as much as other people. Don’t say that water is too plain when you make the excuse of why you don’t drink the necessary amount. Now that you know about all of the other ways you can stay hydrated without having to stick to the same method, utilize them well, and make the right decisions for your wellbeing and health. Try out new smoothies and juices and experience what happens when you stay hydrated. The results will surely surprise you and once you experience such results you will never look at sugary drinks the same!

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What to Do When You Are Dehydrated

Being dehydrated comes very easily and most people don’t even realize they are! Dehydration in your body doesn’t always come with an overwhelming need of thirst like most people believe. If you aren’t drinking more than 50 ounces of water a day then your body is most likely in a state of dehydration even if you don’t feel thirsty at all, and although everything may feel good on the outside, on the inside your body definitely needs that water. Water is so necessary for the all the functions that your body performs on the daily, from the movement of blood throughout the body to cellular respiration and practically everything else in the body. Practically every process in your body cannot be completed without proper perfect-hydration.com/">hydration and for this reason perfect-hydration.com/">hydration is way more serious than many seem to understand. If your body outwardly begins to express signs or symptoms that begin to affect you physically, then your body is desperately trying to send you a message that things aren’t working very well in the body and water is very much needed. Today this article will cover all the signs and symptoms of dehydration that you should watch out for as well as the many ways you can alleviate dehydration once you are in that state!

What Exactly is Dehydration?

Dehydration is a result of your body losing a lot of fluids, and generally in a state of dehydration, the amount of water you have lost has exceeded the amount of water that your body has taken in. When dehydration occurs, the body begins to lose normal function, producing symptoms related to the loss of fluid. Water is lost from the body in many ways from sweating, urinating, stools, and more. When you lose this water, small amounts of electrolytes and salt are lost with the water as well and this can be a significant issue if you lose too much. Medically, doctors have divided dehydration into 3 different stages to assess how severe and urgent the situation is while also understanding what the appropriate methods are should be carried out to rectify the problem. The three stages of dehydration are mild, moderate, and severe dehydration which can actually lead to death. The symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration are as follows:
● Increased thirst
● Dry mouth
● Decreased urine output
● Few or no tears
● Dry skin
● Headaches
● Dizziness
● Urine is more yellow
● Tiredness or sleepiness
Over time these symptoms can dramatically worsen over time if not taken care of immediately, leading to severe dehydration. With severe dehydration the symptoms that follow include:
● Urine output is decreased severely or nonexistent and the color can be a deep yellow or amber color
● The dizziness or lightheadedness is severe enough that the person cannot stand or walk normally
● Extremely low blood pressure that occurs if the person attempts to stand after laying down
● Rapid heart rate
● Fever
● Poor skin elasticity (this means that the skin takes a while to sink back to its normal position)
● Lethargy
● Confusion
● Coma
● Seizure
● Shock
As you can see the symptoms for severe dehydration are very scary and for this reason should be avoided at all costs by taking water regularly. Yet, if you do reach such a state of dehydration, the article will provide the steps one should take to remedy the problem immediately!

How to Treat Mild to Moderate Dehydration


Thankfully mild to moderate dehydration can be cured easily at home and there isn’t really a need to go to the doctors to rectify the situation. Yet it is important to keep in mind that many would think that the easiest way to cure dehydration is simply drink water, yet it is more complex than that. Plain water may be better than no water at all, but once in this state you need an ORS or oral rehydration solution to rehydrate your body back to health. This is needed because plain water does not restore the electrolytes that you have lost. If you choose to drink only water to solve the problem than the water can dilute the little electrolytes that you have in your body, remaining in your body until it has completely draw out the rest of your electrolytes. For this reason, it is best to turn to ORS for good rehydration. ORS are basically salts that you mix with your water to restore your body with needed electrolytes. Other ways you can get electrolytes include drinking sports drinks or special drinks powered with electrolytes (yet if you aren’t actively sweating them out it is best not to drink them in heavy amounts). Turn to coconut water or water with salt or sugar! For the most part coconut water may be your best solution for rehydrating because it has less sugars, calories, less sodium, higher amounts of potassium, than most sports drinks, proving to support you with good perfect-hydration.com/">hydration while also keeping you healthy and away from other unnecessary ingredients. It can even be a better solution to water because coconut water offers more electrolytes for your body, which your body needs after it has lost fluids. Water with salt or sugar can act similar to coconut water by providing your body with the electrolytes it needs to restore perfect-hydration.com/">hydration while also not giving your body those extra or unnecessary ingredients that sport drinks may give you. In addition to these options, you can also turn to eating fruits and veggies! There are many fruits and veggies out there that provide a great amount of water to the body. For example, vegetables such as zucchinis, radish, celery, broccoli, spinach, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, and more are great sources of water and perfect-hydration.com/">hydration. Fruits such as oranges, strawberries, watermelons, star fruit, grapefruit, peaches, blackberries, lemons, honeydew, prickly pears, nectarines and more. There is a lot you can do with fruit such as salads, smoothies, juices, sorbets, and etc. There are many versatile ways to rehydrate your body that if you find yourself in mild to moderate dehydration, don’t worry about it too much, simply trying out these methods will get your body rehydrated in no time and you will really begin to feel the effects of it when your symptoms subside and your pee turns to a very light color. These are signs that your body is properly hydrated once again!

How to Treat Severe Dehydration

Severe dehydration becomes the tricky part of the equation. Severe dehydration is extremely complicated and serious, so if you do find yourself or another in such a situation, this situation can really only be remedied by professional medical care. Signs that you or someone else have entered the severe stage of dehydration include a fever higher than 103 degrees Fahrenheit, seizures, difficulty breathing, chest or abdominal pain, fainting, no urine within the last 12 hours, confusion, increased vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, increased heat rate and more. For adults, severe dehydration can be taken care by a doctor by implementing some of the methods talked about above and being monitored at the same time, yet if a child has become severely dehydrated than the problem becomes a lot more serious. If a child has become dehydrated, doctors most likely do what is known as intravenous rehydration. In this case, fluids will be injected in the child’s body. Depending on the case and severity of the dehydration, the fluids may vary from a being water with salt or water with sugar. Normally for adults, IV rehydration is not really necessary and can be taken care of with other methods; however, for children, IV rehydration is definitely needed because they are much more vulnerable and sensitive to dehydration.

The Process of IV Rehydration for Severely Dehydrated Children

The doctor will begin the process by inserting an IV needle into the vein of the arm. The IV line will have a tube with a needle on one end. The other end of the line will then be connected to a bag of fluids which is hung over the child’s head. The type of fluid given to the child will be determined upon the severity of dehydration, the medical conditions the child may have, and their age. Routine checks will be made to ensure the child is receiving the fluid correctly and that the thin plastic tube is not leaking the IV fluid. In rare cases, the same process may be used with adults.

Other Rehydration Tips & Methods to Consider
● Do not gulp down water quickly because if you drink water too fast, your body cannot absorb it and use it effectively. This means your kidneys will expel most of the water quickly, causing frequent trips to the bathroom.
● Avoid alcohol and excessive caffeine when trying to rehydrate the body. This is due to the fact that they cause you to urinate frequently, making your dehydration even worse.
● Milk can actually be another great way to rehydrate your body. Specifically skimmed or fat free milk. By drinking these types of milk, you can ensure that your calorie and fat intake remain at a minimal while your body can focus on getting the proper rehydration that it needs. If there is too much excessive fat in the body (which can be caused by whole milk) than this fat can actually curb your fluid retention and this will greatly inhibit your ability to rehydrate.

Fun & Fast Facts About Dehydration
● 75% of the human body is made of wat/er
● diarrhea, vomiting, and sweating can cause dehydration
● Athletes, people living in higher altitudes, and older adults are the people most at risk for dehydration
● 75% of Americans are actually incredibly dehydrated. A survey conducted with 3,003 Americans showed that about 75% of Americans drink about eight servings of hydrating beverages a day yet this is completely thrown off by the number of caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and sodium consumed daily.
perfect-hydration.com/">Hydration can actually boost your metabolism. In fact, men and women’s metabolic rates can actually increase by about 30% when drinking cold water. The studies showed that the body expended more energy in an attempt to heat the cold water and this resulted in a boost in metabolism.
● The average American only drinks 2.5 cups of water daily which is way below the standard 8 cups of water per day rule.
● Studies showed that after mildly dehydrated men consumed only 2 bottles of water, it only took their body less than an hour or around 45 minutes for their bodies to function in a perfectly hydrated and healthy state.
● By the time you are thirsty, your body has already reached a state of dehydration. The next time you think you are starting to feel a little bit thirsty then you know that already your body is functioning in a dehydrated state already.
● Your ability to think perfectly clear and normally can be inhibited immediately by even mild dehydration. It has even been said by scientists that dehydrated people can actually make the same mistakes while driving as someone who is inebriated.

Now that you have gotten the 411 on all things dehydration and water, it’s time to take the necessary steps yourself for you to decide if you are truly dehydrated. Try out the methods given above and you will instantly feel a difference in your body with energy levels, thinking ability, and mood. Water truly can be the remedy to a lot of the problems you can experience and if you want to taketh most out of a busy day, it is so important that you make sure to keep water as an integral part of your daily life. Not only just with drinking some water, but also with drinking the right and necessary amount of water. If you feel as if you suffer from bad moods, lethargy, fogginess, and more than most likely your problem starts with a lack of perfect-hydration.com/">hydration. Luckily you have learned the easy steps you can utilize to fix the problem immediately and with that in mind, you won’t have to sweat it the next time you get dehydrated!

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Water Is Life: Benefits of Having Pure Water

It is quite evident that staying hydrated at all times is a must. No living thing in this entire world can live without water and proper perfect-hydration.com/">hydration. Despite the fact that water is good for you, this isn’t to say that all water in the world is good for you. Every species needs to be wary about the kind of water they drink because failure to drink clean or pure water leads to many diseases and even death. It is important to be educated about the various types of water that exist and the benefits and consequences they produce as well as which is the best drinking water for you and your family. This article aims to cut your research time by a lot as it brings the findings for you. Aim for pure water. Pure water is so important for perfect-hydration.com/">hydration and health and in this article, we will go over what exactly pure water is, what sets it apart from other types of water, the benefits it has for you, as well as what the consequences of not drinking pure water can have on your health.

What is Pure Water?

Pure water is known as another word for purified water. Purified water in very simple terms is just water that comes from a source and has been removed of all its impurities so that it is ready for safe drinking. With purified water, various filtration processes can be applied to the water to make it purified such as carbon filtration, micro-porous filtration, and ultraviolet oxidation. Depending on the type of water and the company, multiple filtration processes can be applied to the water to make it ready for anything and everything from drinking to cooking to laboratory studies/research and more.

What Sets Purified Water Apart from Other Types of Water?

There are very strong reasons for why purified water is considered to be a better type of water for perfect-hydration.com/">hydration when compared to other types of water such as tap water, spring water, distilled water, or filtered water. Pure water goes through a similar process of filtration like filtered water. It is run through carbon filters to remove the chlorine taste of water and there are times where it can also be run through a micron filter as well. Yet what sets pure water apart from filtered water is the fact that pure water goes through a filtration process and then more processes such as distillation, reverse osmosis, or deionization. Adding these extra steps makes pure water even more cleaner than any other type of water out there, therefore making it way more favorable for drinking. Distillation is one of the extra methods that can be used on purified water after it has been filtered and this includes separating the bad components of the water from the water itself through selective boiling and then condensation of the water. Reverse osmosis uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. Deionization helps to make pure water cleaner by removing totally dissolved solids from the water through ion exchange resist that help to control the electric charge of ions in the water. By adding these extra steps to the water, purified water becomes the highest level of clean water that is the safest for drinking and other usages.

The Health Benefits Pure Water Poses for You

Since purified water obtains the highest level of cleanliness in water, this means that with drinking pure water, your risk of getting diseases from bacteria is nonexistent when compared to drinking other types of water. In addition, pure water can help with maintaining a healthy body weight, properly digest food and nutrients from your food, obtain healthy, hydrated skin, detoxifies your body naturally, and helps provide you with perfect-hydration.com/">hydration, keeping you energetic and less lethargic throughout the day. Purified water helps to eliminate toxins from your body. Toxins are the nasty molecules that get into our body from various sources such as pollution. Once inside they enter the bloodstream and leave us feeling very tired and exhausted. Drinking a glass of purified water right when you wake up in the morning will help to immediately flush out these bad toxins and leave you feeling extremely revitalized and refreshed. In addition, it also helps to clean your colon. If a colon is left unclean then it is less able to absorb the right nutrients for your body. This means that you could feed your body with all the right nutrients and still not reap the benefits that these nutrients can provide because your colon is unable to absorb these nutrients. Purified water also helps to promote skin elasticity and allow for as much collagen as possible to make your skin look as rejuvenated and clean as possible. In addition, water can also help to boost your appetite. There are many times that people choose to skip breakfast in the morning and the vast majority do so because they don’t feel hungry for breakfast. Despite this feeling of not feeling hungry, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fuels us with the energy to help us feel as if we can take on the rest of the day. By choosing to drink a glass of pure water straight away in the morning, you will find that soon after, your body will actually start to want food. This is because many people get their water from food and produce and this results in our body receiving water and thinking it is also receiving food. As soon as you start drinking purified water your body begins to prepare itself for more delicious food to consume! Drinking purified water is also extremely influential in eliminating bad breath. This is because it helps to reduce oral bacterial infections that cause bad breath and it will also reduce the amount of costly dentist visits you make! As well as the obvious benefits of pure water listed above, you can further understand the benefits of purified water by merely looking at all the cons that other types of water produce!

The Ugly with Tap Water

Tap water is certainly not you friend and here is why! Tap water is simply water that has been obtained from a faucet or tap and has not been treated, purified, or distilled. It normally comes from whatever water system your town has. The bad with tap water is that it can actually pick up pesticides from water and streams really easily, and pesticides are not meant for human consumption at all! Some tap water can be carried through lead pipes and this lead can leech into the water making you very sick to the point that it can also kill you. The EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency actually allows tap water in all US households to have two parts per billion or ppb arsenic. Scientists have actually concluded that there are no such thing as safe levels of arsenic and this is extremely dangerous for human consumption. Most tap water is known to have a substance known as fluoride in it and according to neurosurgeon Russell L. Blaylock high amounts of fluoride actually causes dental and skeletal fluorosis (hyper-mineralization of teeth), damages DNA repair enzymes and is also known to cause an increased risk of cancer, hyperthyroidism, and osteoporosis. These are only a few of the long cons that tap water consumption poses on your health.

The Ugly with Distilled Water

The process of distillation as an added filtration step to your water is very beneficial, however; distillation as the only filtration step taken to clean your water leads to some not so beneficial results. Since distillation strips water of its minerals the distilled water becomes highly acidic. As a result, the distilled water tends to pull minerals from whatever it touches in order to maintain that balance. This means that when drinking distilled water, it may actually pull small amounts of needed minerals from your body including your teeth. Due to its high acidic nature, it can actually pull anything from any substance it touches, meaning that it can even pull small amounts of plastic from the bottle it is in or small amounts of a substance from any container that it is in. Minerals that distilled water is known to leech out is calcium, magnesium, and fluoride. Even though purified water may go through distillation as well, since pure water goes through other filtration processes as well, the water is not highly acidic and susceptible to mineral leeching that distilled water alone is prone to.

The Ugly with Spring Water

Spring water is quite literally defining itself in its own name. It is water that comes from a spring as opposed to river water or rainwater. Spring water itself is actually quite good for you if you are the one collecting your own spring water. If not, then that is an entirely different story because spring water is the infamous water that appears in a majority of those bottled water companies and this is where the problem lies. Let’s be honest that majority of the population, when they do drink spring water, are drinking it from bottles because not many have time to go out and get their own spring water from the lovely ice sheets or mountain springs (if you do well kudos to you!). The con for those who choose the convenient and nifty old water bottle is the fact that with companies you never really know whether you are drinking 100% spring water, getting a lame in between, or even getting something entirely different. The FDA enables bottlers to call their water “spring water” even if it isn’t at all. This means that bottlers can put who knows what in the water bottles and then market it off as spring water. Meaning you can be drinking problematic tap water and not even know it. In addition, a packaged spring water can be regarded with disinfectants such as chlorine which is not good for your health. In all, it is a lost cause to waste your time on bottled water in hopes to drink some fresh spring water, because chances are you are still getting the nasty cons that you get when drinking tap water.

The Ugly with Filtered Water

Filtered water is simply any water that is put through a filtration system that takes out all the contaminants of the water. Filtration is not 100% all of the time though. Depending on the type of filter you get, there could be a strong chance that even your best water filter does not come in contact with all the water and therefore partial removal of contaminants can take place. In addition, some filters are good at removing certain contaminants but not effective at removing other types of contaminants. This could result in partially clean water as well. In addition, filtration is known to take quite a while so once you put the water in you need quite a bit of time before you can actually drink the water from the filter.

It isn’t hard to see that when compared to other types of water, purified water is your best friend and won’t let you down. It is the purest water out there that exists in this world with absolutely no contaminants or bacteria that other water can have. It is the cleanest for drinking of all other types and it tastes the best of all the different types of water that exist. perfect-hydration.com/">Hydration is so beyond important for the body and we must nourish our body with nothing the best. The article has brought to life all the horrible diseases and toxins we can put into our body without proper research or care. Now that it is understood what water can give us the best and be the best, for us it is up to make a change for ourselves. perfect-hydration.com/">Hydration is so beyond important for us and water is something we must drink every day for the rest of our lives. Our body is made up of a large percentage of water and with that fact in mind we need to understand how important water is to us and our being. Proper health and a long life starts with the right choices that you choose to make for yourself and so long as pure water exists, the right choice is always purified!

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Purified Water: Help to Maintain pH Balance of the Body

Many people are often lectured and told continuously of the amazing benefits behind water and what it does for your body. Many cite so many benefits of water from energy to perfect-hydration.com/">hydration to clear skin to a detoxified body and more. We hear these benefits all the time from scientists or family members and we know that it is no secret that water is beyond potent for our body, way more than anything out there in this world. The pros of water can be listed for a long time and I can bet that there is a lot that you are already aware of when it comes to what water can do for you. In this article though, we are going to shed some much-needed spotlight on a benefit of water that most people overlook and many don’t really understand. This has to do with water’s potent ability to maintain the pH levels within your body. For some of your chemistry buffs this is something easy to understand, but for those who never paid attention to chemistry or never took it, this benefit probably made you pull a “what” face. There is no need to fear. This article will go in depth on what exactly I mean by pH balance of the body and how both purified water and alkaline water can come into play.

What is pH and Why is it Important?

pH stands for potential hydrogen. It tells how acidic or alkaline something is from a scale of 1-14. 1-6 is considered acidic, 7 is considered neutral, and 8-14 is considered alkaline. Acid is characterized as a high concentration of hydrogen ions which keeps oxygen from reaching your cells. Alkaline is characterized as a low concentration of hydrogen ions which means that more oxygen is available to the cell. Now that we’ve cleared that basic concept out of the way let us move onto why pH balance is important for the human body. The very design of our human body is made to be within a certain pH range to ensure the proper function and care of our fluid, tissues, and systems. If the human body’s pH balance is thrown off, it disrupts various systems and processes that the body carries out. Our blood and the fluids surrounding our cells are extremely sensitive to a pH balance. At a pH range of about 7.35-7.45, our body and its immune system runs at optimal conditions for fighting off diseases and illnesses. Too much acid within the body causes acidosis which leaves you susceptible to cancer, chronic illnesses, premature aging, cardiovascular diseases, joint inflammation, osteoporosis, low energy, chronic fatigue and more. If the body goes to the other extreme and reaches a high state of alkalinity then the body suffers alkalosis which leads to a weakness in the body’s fluid and tissues, causes cramps, nausea, vomiting, skin irritation, tetany (seizure), muscle twitching and more. That is why is it absolutely imperative to understand your body’s pH level and to make sure that you work to keep the pH at a balanced level.

What Can Purified Water Do for Your pH?

Since purified water is purified, the water should neither be in a range where it is too acidic or too alkaline. This means that purified water is neutral in terms of ph. This is very good for those of you with a balanced pH level. This ensures that when drinking purified water, you will not have to worry about the water changing your body’s pH level to too acidic or too alkaline. With drinking neutral purified water, you can ensure that your body stays neutral in pH and doesn’t fluctuate drastically. This is so crucial because you drink water every day and if you are constantly drinking acidic or alkaline water then you are consistently putting your body’s pH balance off leaving your immune system and body working very poorly. Neutral purified water helps to avoid acidosis or alkalosis altogether and leads to a balanced and healthy you!

Correcting an Imbalance of pH Levels

As stated before, for someone who has a balanced pH level in their body and wants to keep it that way, purified water is your best friend in making sure your body stays on the right track. For those who believe that their body is too acidic or too alkaline (and we can get into methods you can do to test this later), it is wise to turn to purified waters that can bring your body back to balance. For those who are experiencing a highly acidic pH, it is wise to turn to purified water that is alkaline rich with a pH of about an 8 or a 9. This is merely purified water that has been ionized to produce a more alkaline state. Although purified water is naturally at a pH level of 7, you can find purified waters that have been manipulated to carry different pH levels while still having the cleanest and freshest taste of all other types of water. Alkaline water such as perfect perfect-hydration.com/">hydration, are perfect (get it?) for those who are looking to lower their body’s acidity and get back to a neutral pH level. If you want you can also purchase an electric ionizer which will turn your water into an alkaline pH level, but some of them can be quite pricey. If you realize that your body is in a state of too much alkaline and you need to bring it down, then aim for waters that have a slight acidic pH level in them. These types of water include Dasani, Aquafina, Crystal Geyser, and more. It is wise to not drink these types of waters everyday as they are acidic by nature and can push your pH level down too much. It is wise to drink enough to get back to a neutral level and from there try to stick to purified water, for everyday drinking, in order to keep yourself at a neutral pH level.

How to Mess Around with Water pH Levels Yourself

If you yourself do not have access to purified water already or do not have access to already alkaline or acidic water yourself, there is a way to use the water you do have access to manipulate the pH level for your own benefit. If there is a certain pH you are looking for in your water, the wonderful benefit of water is that you can use various systems to alter the pH level of the water while still providing the cleanest water for drinking and health! In this way water is your best bet for clean drinking and a healthy pH balance! If you are looking to raise the pH level of your water (if it is too acidic) you can put your water through a water distiller. The water distiller heats the water into steam and then condenses the water, helping to remove unwanted acidic particles and therefore effectively increasing the ph. If you find that you do not have access to purified water and wish to take your water and change the pH level to neutral like purified water then you can use a neutralizing water filter! Filter Neutralizers help correct the pH of acidic water by releasing calculated amounts of magnesium, limestone, and calcite which help to increase the pH to neutral or alkaline if you want to. Another way to manipulate pH levels through water is with using a water ionizer. Water ionizers use electrolysis to separate water into alkaline and acidic parts. You can then use the alkaline part for drinking and use the acidic part for other things such as washing. Water ionizers can push your water alkalinity up to no more than a scale of 9. It is important to keep in mind that water ionizers are costlier than neutralizers, but nonetheless it is another option for you to consider! Another way you can manipulate pH levels is by adding alkaline ingredients to it such as lemon juice. Contrary to popular belief lemon juice is actually high in terms of alkaline and can help boost your water’s pH in a very easy and non-expensive way. If you don’t have access to readymade alkaline water or purified water (they may be more expensive than other water) and wish to make your water alkaline or neutral on its own then pouring lemon juice in water is your easiest and cheapest alternative! It works just the same!

How to Know if Your pH level is Good or Not?

To understand where your body is currently at internally and fix the problem there, it is good to check your pH levels often. You can do this a number of ways. On way to do this is by purchasing pH test strips from a drug store nearby. You can dip the litmus paper in either your saliva or urine before you choose to eat or drink anything (therefore preferably in the morning for the most accurate results). If you do choose to eat or drink something first, wait at least 2 hours before you decide to use the test strips. If you decide to test through saliva, swallow your saliva a couple of times to get clean saliva before using the test strip. Your test strip will change color once it has come in contact with your saliva or urine and from there you can use the instructions to understand what that color represents and the steps you can take from there to get your body to a neutral pH level.

Besides Water, What Else Can Change pH Level?
There are a variety of things that can change your body’s pH levels besides what you drink. What you eat and even stress can change your body’s pH level too. Here is the insider on other food and drinks that are known to be highly acidic or highly alkaline!

Highly Acidic Drinks
•Sam’s Choice
•Carbonated Water
•Fruit Juice
•Citrus Juice
•Root Beer
•Iced tea
•Energy Drinks (Monster, Rockstar)

Highly Acidic Food
•High protein food
•Processed foods
•Ice Cream
•Artificial Sweeteners

High Alkaline Drinks
Perfect perfect-hydration.com/">Hydration water
•Arrowhead Spring Water
•Almond Milk
•Distilled Water
•Coconut Water
•Lemon Water
•Fresh Green Drink

High Alkaline Foods
•Sesame Seeds
•Hemp Seeds
You can use this little basic list to get an overall idea of the types of foods you can incorporate in your diet to change your pH level to a nice neutral level. Keeping these food and drinks in mind can be very beneficial to your overall health and feel free to dig up more research on even more food and drinks you can eat or drink to switch up your ph.

Hopefully this article performed well in helping you to understand the importance of pH levels to us and how water and other foods can change our body internally in a way that we don’t pay attention to often. Keeping your body pH balanced at all times is so crucial to making you healthier and living a longer life and now that this article has shown you the steps you can take with your water and food to achieve this balance, it is time that you start caring too and get started on making a more balanced you. Life becomes so much easier when you know how to take care of yourself because you avoid all the hassle and pain that comes from being sick, weak, or susceptible. If you are healthy now and know you can make changes to make yourself healthier than do it now before you regret it later. Grab some purified water to keep you hydrated and keep your body pH happy! It will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself, guaranteed!

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