Daily Bad Habits that Dehydrate the Body

Ever notice that no matter how much water you drink you are still making a ton of frequent trips to the bathroom? Do you still feel the signs of dehydration even when you feel like you have drunk a lot of water? It is quite common for many people to experience dehydration symptoms and signs even when they think they have consumed what they perceive as a good amount of water. The truth is that hydrating your body is a little more complex than you would think. Many people fall under this common idea that one merely hydrates their body by drinking a bunch of water and that is it. The reality is that there has to be a certain method or routine when it comes to drinking your water. Otherwise, much of the water you end up drinking, does not get picked up by the body. If you feel like you are drinking a good amount of water, but are experiencing some signs and symptoms of dehydration than you might be someone who has some bad habits when it comes to hydration. If you are still confused on what I mean when I say bad habits, do not worry. This article will aim to explain to you the proper way to hydrate your body and the common habits that people do that end up dehydrating them even more!

You Don’t Follow Up on Weather Changes

One bad habit that a lot of people tend to do, is not checking the weather often enough. It is actually so important that you keep yourself updated on the weather. By doing so, you can actually be aware of weather changes that are occurring such as the climate changing from dry to humid. This may seem sort of insignificant to you and hydration, but it actually plays a bigger role than you would think. When the weather changes frequently, this can end up changing how much water you consume daily. If the weather is warmer, your body will sweat more, meaning that it is losing more water. If you are sweating more frequently, this is a sign to you that you need to replenish your body with the water that it has just lost. In addition, changes to air quality can also have a serious effect on your body and hydration levels. If there are frequent changes in the air around you, your respiratory drive will be affected, causing you to breathe off more water than usual and this will inevitably lead to dehydration. In other words, the weather will sometimes permit you to take necessary precautions about how much water you are consuming. You may actually need to increase the amount of consumption than you normally would. By keeping track of air levels and the weather you can get a fair idea of whether you will need to drink more water than usual and this as a result, can help keep you hydrated and healthy!

You Are a Constant Traveler

If you are someone lucky enough to have a daily routine in which you are constantly traveling somewhere far and new than this routine may be a cause for concern when it comes to your own hydration levels. Traveling can also be another way that you dehydrate yourself quickly although the reasoning behind why may not be so evident. The main concern is that traveling often affects your eating habits. This is because you are often at the mercy of stores and restaurants to satisfy your hunger and sometimes on a jam-packed day of touring the cities, you may not even have time to hit up a place to eat. This means that you can either skip out on important meals or snack throughout the day (even making some unhealthy choices like choosing that famous gelato place down the street as your lunch for the day!). I get it! When you are traveling you are often captivated by all the cool desserts and treats that await you! It is hard to say no. But, failure to maintain a proper diet while traveling can actually be very damaging for your body. You end up consuming less water packed vegetables and fruits and you even lower your water intake immensely without even realizing it. Sometimes taking a water bottle is too much to carry on a long day of sightseeing or maybe you drank through your water, but have no idea where you would even be able to replenish your water. Or maybe you are avoiding water altogether because you have a long commute or trip to somewhere else. That makes sense too. Many people have the habit of cutting down on bathroom trips when they know they cannot reach a bathroom frequently, so they stray away from water altogether. Big mistake. Monitor yourself frequently. Go to the bathroom and check your urine often. If it is dark yellow or brown, then you are in a serious need of water! Trust me, it may seem like a hassle now, but your body will be grateful to you later!

You Hate Using the Bathroom Frequently

I would say that this is a bad habit that everyone has experienced at least a couple times in their life. For me, I know that this bad habit started right at college. Everyone understands that feeling of constantly making trips to the bathroom every 2-3 hours. For some people, it is not a problem and for others, their job or school makes it hard for them to locate a bathroom frequently. I know that for me, I hated using the bathroom frequently throughout the day, because my college classes were jam packed with students and computers at numbers of about 200 and the thought of having to bypass through a tiny narrow walkway filled with backpacks and not trip and fall down onto the row in front of me, didn’t sound like such an appealing idea. It was a pain in the butt to have to navigate my way out of class consistently to use the bathroom (especially when I had three-hour lectures). For that reason, I saw water as the enemy, Water made me want to use the bathroom so frequently that I had to deal with that scary obstacle before waiting in a long line to use the bathroom, only to come back and realized I missed something super important in lecture. It reached a point that when I needed to use a bathroom, I ended up opting to wait on it until after class is over (but that is just so distracting and absolutely difficult after a certain point). Over time, I myself would lessen my water intake because I didn’t want to be burdened with all that the bathroom breaks during lecture would entail. Of course, I know that I am not the only one who did this too. Many people see how water can cause you to urinate frequently and for some people, they cannot afford that many frequent bathroom breaks. So, they start on the bad habit of knowing that if they are going to be in a long meeting or class or group meetup, they are just going to refrain from drinking water at all possible costs. It truly is a natural habit for many to perform, but let me tell you, it is an absolutely bad habit to have! Your body needs water during those long hours. You need to be hydrating your body with consistent sips of water every ten minutes or so. Yeah, the bathroom breaks can be annoying, but a body that is dehydrated is even more annoying. You don’t want to deal with the headaches, nausea, and fatigue that accompanies a dehydrated body. That is way worse than taking frequent trips to the bathroom. So, sip your water!

You Fail to Read Your Prescription Labels

Many people have prescriptions mandated by their doctors for a variety of reasons. It becomes quite a bad habit for people to do the bare minimum with their prescriptions by merely just taking them and completely avoiding the part where you should read your prescription label. If you drink adequate water, take prescription, and notice you still feel the signs of dehydration than this bad habit may be something you are guilty of! Many people tend to not read the labels on their prescriptions. This is actually so incredibly important because a lot of prescriptions and medications that people take are known as diuretics. Diuretics are essentially things that make you urinate more often than normal and that puts you at risk for dehydration. Obviously, one knows that urinating means water is leaving the body. So, after urinating more frequently you need to replenish the water you lost by drinking even more water. People do not tend to do this very often and if you are especially taking medication that forces your body to use the bathroom a lot more often than usual, then you are going to experience moderate to almost severe dehydration in some cases. Know your labels! Read up on them through reading the prescriptions bottles or understand what medication you are taking by consulting the web. Either way you can understand whether what you are taking is a diuretic and you can also understand the side effects that are associated with taking the medication. This can also be very helpful in alleviating dehydration because side effects associated with some medications can be diarrhea or vomiting, which are both two additional ways that you can lose a lot of water from within the body.

You Don’t Take Sun Care Seriously

Believe it or not, but proper skin care from the sun is actually linked to a higher hydration level within the body. High exposure to the sun without the proper sun care can lead to intense sunburns. Many people would not know this, but sunburns or burns on the skin in general actually dehydrate your body levels. The skin is an organ and it is a barrier that protects against any sort of fluid loss. When your skin begins to burn, that barrier breaks down and your body enters a state in which it struggles to maintain adequate and proper hydration levels. For that reason, do not proceed down the bad habit of walking out in the sun without any sort of sunblock or sun protection whatsoever. This bad habit will surely leave your body in a constant state of dehydration, especially if you live in a place that is very sunny and warm. In addition, be sure to moisturize your skin daily while also protecting it from the sun. Providing more moisture and sun care to the skin allows you to slow down the effects of aging, which can affect your skin over time and cause immense dehydration as well.

Your Diet is Not Healthy

A balanced diet is key. Many people are also guilty of committing the bad habit of not being wary about the foods they decide to put into their body. Your body needs a variety of important things such as lean protein, whole grains, and a ton of fruits and veggies. This is the key to having a body that is overall healthy and by healthy I also mean hydrated. By choosing to incorporate a lot of fruits and veggies into your diet (instead of junk food or fatty foods) you reap the benefits of additional hydration from foods like zucchini, cucumber, watermelon, apples, and more! If you are currently trying to completely cut carbs out of your diet, you may also experience an elevated level of dehydration. This one often comes as a shocker to many, but the reasoning behind it is quite simple. Carbs like oatmeal, whole grain pasta, and brown rice soak up a lot of water during the cooking process. So, when you actually eat these kinds of food you also gain the water that all the food absorbed as well! This is great for keeping yourself hydrated. In addition, keep in large portions of fruits and veggies. It is often advised that you eat the rainbow when it comes to your diet. Throw in all sorts of fruits and veggies from melons to oranges to bananas and more! The more colorful your diet is, the more hydrated your body becomes!

These are just a few of the many, common bad habits that people often do throughout their daily routine, that compromises their hydration levels. Do not make these mistakes for they are absolutely so simple to correct. Now that you have more knowledge on the activities that can push your hydration down, it is important to be warier of what you do on a daily basis and be sure that you are maintaining your hydration to the best of your ability. In the future, your body will thank you immensely and you will thank yourself for correcting those bad habits to begin with!

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