Why Should We Drink pH of 9.5+ Water?

It can become quite common over time for people to experience a period of never fully understanding what is happening to their bodies. Sometimes as the weeks go by and people go about their normal days, one can notice the differences that they feel within their own bodies, yet they are unable to pinpoint exactly why they are feeling those differences and from what. By differences I generally mean feeling as if you had the wind knocked out of you. Feeling a type of fatigue that washes over you throughout the day and puts you in a hazy, dazed, and confused state. You sometimes might get a headache or feel dizzy spells or nausea hit you as you walk around. It even tends to happen even though you are getting enough sleep, eating enough food, and drinking enough water. Yet, these signs are possibly signing that may be signaling to your body that something is off from within and you need to fix it! For many people, this can be the case and if upon reading this you realize that this is you, then that is a major sign that your body’s pH levels are way off and you must take the necessary measures to correct it.

Too Much Acidity in the Body


If you are experiencing similar symptoms like I have mentioned above, then that could be a strong indicator that you are experiencing the results of having too much acidity within the body. For a quick recap on pH levels, for those who are not aware. pH levels are essentially a scale that exists that is used to determine how acidic or basic something is. Anything that falls around a pH of 6 and below is considered acidic and anything that falls along the range of 8 to 14 is known to be basic. Meanwhile a pH of 7 signals that the compound is neutral (that is typically what the pH is for water). pH can tell us important things about not only the acidity and alkalinity of compounds, but the acidity and alkalinity of our bodies as well! This is incredibly important because many do not realize that have a body that is highly acidic or highly alkaline is a host for all kinds of problems to occur. If someone eats a highly acidic diet and does not know how to neutralize that acidity properly, then discomfort as well as the above-mentioned symptoms can start to occur. If it progresses for even longer and there is a failure to increase the body’s pH level to a less acidic state, then this can in some cases even lead to horrible medical problems such as cancer. It is important that more people are aware of how acidity can affect the body and know the proper steps that can be taken to remedy the situation before it gets even worse. I mean one should think about high acidity level in this way. If regular acid is so bad that it can burn through metal, think of the acidity within your body as bad enough that it could damage your digestive system, joints and muscles, and your cardiovascular system as well. It is never a pretty sight from within when somebody’s body has too much acid and eventually it is bound to happen that somebody begins to feel those negative effects take a toll on them physically.

How Acidic Foods Creep into Your Diet

In the classic American diet, it is way too common for many Americans to experience high acidity levels within their body as opposed to having too high alkaline levels. This is because acid is just a major part of the wide variety of foods that we choose to eat on a day to day basis. Acidity is practically in all the foods that the typical American consumes daily. This includes foods such as sugar, coffee, gluten, processed foods, meat, carbonated water, soda, dairy, artificial sweeteners, soda and so on and so forth. When you understand the list of acidic foods in that way then it becomes quite clear that the foods that are highly alkaline are typically those that are incredibly natural and non-processed. This includes foods such as tomatoes, spinach, lemon, parsley, almonds, garlic, basil, avocado, red onion, jalapeno, and more. Yet let us be honest here. As much as we wish we were eating more of these foods listed than the acidic foods listed above, the bottom line is that most Americans are not eating enough of these alkaline foods to keep a balanced pH within their body. Life can get busy and it becomes super tempting for people to use shortcuts when it comes to food because it saves us time in the short run, but in the long run, a decision to constantly choose to eat these foods, only puts us more at risk in terms of our health and happiness. That is why it becomes increasingly important that people look for ways in which they can solve their acidity problem within their body and restore their body to a natural balance that can help everything run smoothly internally.

Drinking Water with a pH of 9.5+


It is upon realization of this problem that I encourage that people turn to water to fix their issues with their diet. The reason for this being that water drinking is already a habit that people have formed. Therefore, it is something easy to stick to. Think about in this way. If we know that eating acidic rich foods does us more harm, then it would obviously be encouraged that people choose to eat more foods that are high in alkaline and create a more balanced pH level within the body. The truth is that telling someone to incorporate more alkaline foods is easier said than done. It can sometimes be incredibly hard, due to a wide variety of factors, for people to make sudden changes in their diet. Either old habits die hard or something else gets in the way that can make changing your diet incredibly difficult. Whatever it may be, the bottom line is that, if changing diets and bad habits in food were that easy, then everyone would already be eating balanced and nutritious meals daily, but unfortunately, they aren’t. Through understanding this, then it becomes clear that telling someone to eat more alkaline rich foods to balance their body’s pH levels is not really going to do much. That is where alkaline water can come in!
Everybody drinks water. I mean you must be drinking water to be surviving so it is obvious that the habit of drinking water has been instilled in us since we were little, and that habit will never die because it is so necessary to our survival. In this case, simply changing the brand of water you drink is so much easier than having to change up your diet completely. I mean you already drink water, so all you must do is just switch out the water that you typically buy and buy water with a pH of 9.5+ instead. The water has the power to reverse the effects of high acidity within the body and make you feel a lot better and the solution is not something that takes a drastic readjustment in your life! If you need a little more guidance on why drinking 9.5+ pH water could change your life, then just keep on reading!

Why Drink 9.5+ Water

Drinking water that is above a 9.5 pH level (or in other words drinking alkaline water) is something that can provide so many benefits to your body than traditional water can. For starters think about the fact that not only does this water hydrate you like regular water does, but it also works to neutralize all the acid within your body, solving an additional problem that you have! In addition to that, alkaline water is known to be filled with minerals that are needed by your body such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, silica, and bicarbonate. These minerals can be absorbed by your body and can aid in a plethora of natural body functions that are necessary to keep you healthy. There have also been quite a few studies that have vouched for the fact that drinking alkaline water can truly make a difference for you.
For starters there was a study done back in 2012 that found that drinking naturally carbonated alkaline water with a pH above the natural pH of water, helped to deactivate an enzyme known as pepsin, which is the main enzyme responsible for acid reflux. Another study done highlighted how drinking alkaline water may have had positive benefits for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, which is an extremely positive result to observe! More recently an additional study performed on alkaline water, showed a positive difference in the blood viscosity of 100 people after they consumed high pH water in comparison to regular water after a strenuous workout. Just for clarification blood viscosity is the direct measurement of how efficiently blood can flow through the blood vessels. This is super important because blood that cannot flow through blood vessels properly can create a host of problems for the body that can affect your heart as a result. The results of the studies were quite positive that to the point that consuming high pH water reduced viscosity by 6.3 percent in comparison to 3.36 percent with standard drinking water. This means that with a higher viscosity, oxygen can be delivered throughout the body in a more effective manner.
In addition to the studies done on how alkaline water can provide greater benefits than regular water, it is also important to consider how alkaline water can provide all the same natural benefits that water can provide to you! A boost of energy (in fact an even greater boost of energy than regular water due to the mineral content), healthy, clear skin, hydrated organs and cells that can function well in optimal levels, proper detoxification of toxins within the body, and more hydration in the hair and nails as a result. With alkaline water, you get every benefit that regular water can provide to you, while also receiving all the extra benefits that regular water cannot even compare in. This is truly a remarkable way to keep yourself healthy and assure yourself that your diet will never ruin the hard work that your body puts in internally to keep you healthy and happy! Say goodbye to feeling sluggish and tired. We have all been there and it honestly can be such a sad and upsetting thing when you spend so much time trying to force yourself to feel energetic, but you simply cannot because you aren’t putting the right things into your body. No more feeling tired during things that are important to you. Feeling your best is the only way that you can succeed in both your personal and professional life and in that way, it becomes so important that you seek out all the ways that you can make sure that you are giving your body the best so that you can work at your utmost potential.


Before I conclude this article, I would just want to say that despite using alkaline water to correct the pH imbalance within your body, it is so incredibly important that you never stop trying to make more positive changes in your diet. Work hard to kill off those bad habits and create habits that will only make you feel better as a person in the end! Never stop trying to make your lifestyle healthier and I encourage you to drink both alkaline water and indulge in healthier foods that are higher in alkalinity. You do not have to completely stop consuming foods that have high acidity within them, but it is best if you know how to keep a balance going. Through that way you can always assure yourself that you are working hard to give yourself what you deserve!

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