Importance of Hydration for Dry Skin

Dry skin. We’ve all been there plenty of times before. Whether it is just plainly in your genetics to be cursed with the consequences of dry skin or other factors are making your skin dry temporarily, everyone knows that dry skin is not the ideal experience to have. Dry skin causes a myriad of problems both health wise and beauty wise and for this reason it is of the utmost importance that people with dry skin look for ways to properly keep their skin healthy and hydrated. This concept; however, is much easier said than done for most people. While it may seem easy to tell yourself to drink sips of water on a daily basis and work to stay on a steady flow of hydration, many people do not actually do it. The day gets pretty busy and sometimes other temptations like juice, coffee, sugary milk teas, and hot chocolate can make hydration for the day very difficult. Hopefully by reading over some of the effects that a lack of hydration can have on the skin, you are more motivated to get that hydration in and reap the benefits of great looking skin!

What Dry Skin Looks Like

In terms of looks, there are actually many different ways that dry skin can appear on the skin. For some people dry skin can be accompanied by redness and for others it can be accompanied by rashes, etc. Whichever way your dry skin looks, it can be generally agreed upon that the aesthetic of dry skin is not very pretty and is of a serious burden on the person. Characteristics of dry skin that make it a nightmare to deal with include a feeling of tightness around a certain area of the skin, fine lines or cracks, gray and ashy skin, discomfort due to itching, flaking, peeling, scaling (that can be accompanied with a slight stinging sensation), redness, cracks that can bleed, and skin that feels and looks tough. Skin that cracks or becomes tough can be very dangerous to your health because the cracks can become deeper within the skin, extending into the epidermis and creating a lot of bleeding there. In addition, think of the pain aspect of dry skin! Dry skin is actually very painful to deal with! The cracks, flakiness, staleness leaves your skin very raw, which makes it difficult to handle when it comes to doing normal things like washing your face. The raw feeling on the skin can produce a very strong stinging sensation and in some severe cases, a burning sensation followed by redness. This can happen whenever you apply products on your face like face wash, toner, moisturizer, sunblock, face masks, etc. Even makeup on the skin will end up producing these painful flare ups! It becomes quite apparent upon reading the symptoms that accompany dry skin, that dry skin is an overall miserable thing to have to deal with. Such a thing can be avoided if you choose to drink more water or eat fruits and veggies with a high-water content.

The Dark Side of Dry Skin
In addition, when thinking about the beauty aspect of dry skin, you can also understand that dry skin is something that many people would want to avoid. Dry skin tends to make makeup look very cakey and flaky. No matter how much foundation, powder, concealer or other tricks you use to attempt to make the situation disappear on your face you will notice that the skin looks even worse than before. This makes the situation even more frustrating to deal with, especially if you have a special event to go to and want to look your best! Your face makeup will likely peel with your skin, the foundation may become extremely uneven in color, and places that are red may come about looking splotchy for an overall nightmarish makeup look. Don’t think that dry skin only affects your face! Even if dry skin does not appear on your face, rather on your body, that is still something extremely difficult to deal with, in terms of aesthetics. A person with dry skin will notice their body as having the appearance of achiness or dryness. These two qualities can make the skin lose its vibrant color, causing your body to appear duller. The skin also becomes rough to the touch and loses out on feeling soft and smooth! Wrinkles can even become more apparent on your face as a result of dry skin because the oils that accompany normal skin are not there to smooth out those fine lines. You can end up aging a lot quicker with dry skin then you would if you had normal to oily skin. Overall, the feeling of having dry skin combined with the way dry skin looks would make for a decreased level in self-esteem. This can all be avoided if choosing to hydrate well!

What Hydrated Skin Looks Like

Now that we have explored the negative side of dry skin, it is now time to delve into the beauty behind amazingly hydrated skin! Hydrated skin is typically accompanied by a shiny, smooth look. The skin has more of a glow when it is hydrated and actually can work to remove acne, allowing for a clearer, hydrated, and brighter face! Skin that is hydrated embodies the look of silky and velvety skin. In addition, it is not accompanied with feelings of toughness which means you have more control over your own facial expressions! Even if your dry skin problem seems to be more on your body, you will still reap the phenomenal benefits of hydrated skin. Your body can look silky smooth, glow, dewy, etc. (the ultimate skin that people work hard to achieve). Hydrated skin also helps to enhance the makeup you wear! It allows for seamless coverage all over your face that looks natural, dewy, and glassy, further working to enhance your features! Overall the benefits that hydrated and moisturized skin can do for you are incredible and hopefully this gives you a little more shove in the right direction when choosing the proper way to stay hydrated.

Detox Waters that are Amazing for the Skin
Of course, drinking plain water can surely do the trick with your dry skin, but over time drinking plain water over and over again becomes quite boring and redundant. You will notice that if you only give your body plain water, you will most likely end up craving other extremely unhealthy drinks that are loaded with lots of dairy and sugar (a no no for good skin!). If you want to switch up your water routine in order to continue to motivate yourself in your hydration goals then look no further then these incredibly creative and delicious water detox recipes! They are incredibly yummy, can curb away any sweet tooth cravings, and are good for your skin which is the best part. They can offer you even more added hydration than plain water because they are filled with fruits and veggies that contain a high-water content. With these kinds of water recipes, you can say bye bye to dry skin!

Clear Skin Detox Water (

● 8 ounces of cold water
● 3 slices of lemon
● 2 mint leaves
● 3 slices of cucumber
Simply throw in all ingredients into a cute glass or mason jar. Stir and enjoy! It is recommended to drink this about 3 times a day!

Lemon Water with a Twist (

This lemon water is super delicious, but it offers an incredible twist. This lemon water is accompanied with many other delicious detoxifying ingredients that will help keep your skin smooth and healthy! With all these yummy ingredients combined this water ends up being more like a detoxifying juice! The vitamin C content in lemon helps to stimulate the detox function in water and promotes a good liver. The honey aspect of the water works like an antibacterial agent to fight germs that can cause many different kinds of yucky skin infections and the apple cider vinegar helps to clear out your gut, allowing for a beautiful, silky, and clear complexion.
● 2 cups of water
● 1 lemon that is both juiced and sliced
● 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
● 1 teaspoon of aloe Vera
● 1 teaspoon of honey
● You can add basil or mint leaves for garnish
1. First begin by pouring in the 2 cups of water into a container.
2. Proceed to mix in the lemon (juiced and sliced, apple cider vinegar, aloe Vera, and honey.
3. Garnish the drink up with some delicious mint leaves and basil to your own preference.
4. Enjoy!

Cucumber, Watermelon, and Mint Delight! (

● Cucumber slices
● Watermelon
● Mint leaves
● Mason jar or glass of water
1. First begin by taking the cucumber slices and sprinkling them at the bottom of the jar.
2. Cut up small chunks of watermelon and proceed to lay them down at the bottom of the jar.
3. Throw in some mint leaves.
4. Use a fork or spoon in order to mash up the watermelon and cucumber a bit.
5. Fill up the jar with plain water and cover with plastic wrap, lid, or aluminum foil.
6. Put the jar in the refrigerator overnight to allow the ingredients and the water to come together.
7. Enjoy the next day!

A Fruity, Cinnamon Delight (

Try out this festive little water detox recipe. It is loaded with all sorts of delicious fruits and a hint of cinnamon spice for a drink that feels a little more like Fall time. In addition, all the ingredients work perfectly to purify and detox your skin while also helping to hydrate it. You can then kiss dry, cracked, and flaky skin goodbye! These combinations of fruits and spices help to promote healthy blood circulation and face purification. The fruits also provide a delicious sugar content without that processed and added sugar mess so that don’t have to deal with those horrible sugar cravings that often plague us during the day. In addition, the antioxidants in strawberries really help to fight free radicals which can cause fast aging.

● 1-2 liters of filtered water
● 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
● 1 sliced apple
● 1 lemon
● 5 strawberries
● Handful of fresh mint leaves
● Handful of ice
1. First wash all the ingredients thoroughly (strawberries, apples, and lemon).
2. Proceed to cut and slice up the strawberries, apples, and lemons, dropping them into a pitcher that is filled up with the 1-2 liters of water.
3. Next up, add in the cinnamon and fresh mint leaves.
4. Allow the detox water to sit for an additional 3-4 hours so that the fruit can all mix well with each other. Throw in some ice cubes and sip knowing you are on your way to silky and glow skin.

As you can see, dry skin is a miserable ordeal to handle and no one has the time and energy in their busy day to spend hours researching countless creams, expensive treatments, etc. to get healthy, normal skin again. Chances are that your dry skin is honestly just a lack of hydration and a few cups of water or these delicious detox recipes will surely enough do the trick! You can get rid of the problem quick and not have to worry about breaking your bank in an attempt to remedy the situation. Play around with your own water routines and amp your plain water with your own personal ingredients so that your way of hydration is more personalized to you! Either way you decide to do it, I guarantee that you can keep your skin healthy and full of hydration. Remember, this is necessary to avoid the pain, cracks, flaking, and bleeding that dry skin can give you! You soon realize that skin is a direct reflection of your body on the inside. Bad skin on the outside may reflect poor dietary habits! Your skin is like a sign that signals to you how the body is doing! Treat it right so that you can not only look your best on the outside, but feel your best on the inside as well, it may seem overwhelming, but it is most definitely worth it!

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