Why it’s important to hydrate while exercising?

A proper work out helps the brain by providing more energy and oxygen. Throughout your life, many must have mentioned that exercising is good for you. Whether you are aiming to get in a better shape or building more muscle for your health benefits, proper exercise is the right way to go. Many studies have proven that exercising regularly can boost your memory and help to excel allowing you to conduct tasks in an easier manner.

For starters, exercising helps to improve your memory. As you age, it’s normal to have mild forgetfulness happening from time to time. People have reported that they can think sharper and be more creative immediately after exercising. Which all makes sense as when you exercise, you are increasing your blood pressure to flow from your brain to your toes. Your brain activity is increasing from the oxygen and energy flow. For long term effect, studies have shown that correct exercise helps to improve our cognitive function. According to Scientific American Research, students who are athletes tend to score better on all tests comparing to students who are less athletic.

Secondly proper exercise can help you to improve your posture. Most people in our society slouch nowadays due to bad sitting, sleeping, or walking habits. Having a good posture is always beneficial in many different ways. For example, an attorney that can stand straight with good posture will always seem more credible than one that has a crooked back and slouches as they are speaking to you. Regular exercising helps you fix standing and sitting postures.

With a good posture to advance on your appearance, exercise will also improve your self-confidence. Nobody wants an unattractive flabby body when one can have a healthy fit one right? Many find themselves more confident when they hit the gym regularly despite seeing any immediate result with their physical body. Feeling this positive vibe also helps to combat stress in your body. Exercise gives off endorphins that fights off depression, anxiety, stress while giving you a clearer mind to lay off negativity. Studies have shown people who participate in exercise or any sport has a better physical, mental, and emotional health than individuals who don’t exercise regularly.

While exercising is extremely important for your body, it is almost as crucial for it to be effective with the perfect hydration amount. One should make sure you get the right amount of water before, during, and after exercising. Hydration helps assists in regulating your body temperature and it lubricates your joints. It also helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. Dehydration happens when you exercise and fail to hydrate yourself with fluid which was lost during sweating. If you’re not properly hydrated, your body can’t perform at its highest level which will result in fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness, or more serious symptoms such as heart failure.

To have the perfect hydration for your exercise and body, many recommend alkaline water such as Perfect Hydration 9.5+ pH water. pH stands for the ‘power or potential’ of hydrogen. It is the measurement figure that characterizes the abstract ratio of free H+ (hydrogen cations) and thus OH- (hydroxide anions). More H+ we have an acid and more OH- we have a base. The scale runs 0 to 14 and a pH of 7 is considered neutral, under 7 acidic, and over 7 a base. For anything that has pH over 7 is also called alkaline. pH is a logarithmic scale. Each point higher or lower is 10 times more acidic or alkaline than the previous point.

Many might ask what is alkaline and why do we need it on our body? The environment in our body needs to stay in a certain acid based range as we are in taking many harmful things to our body and 9.5+ pH is exactly what we need in order to keep our health and body in check. When measured in drinking water, an alkaline pH can be a result of either natural or unnatural conditions in the water. Thus, when comparing two waters, each with a pH of 9.5, one can be healthful while the other causes side effects.

The scientific reason behind these is that water ionizers separate apart water molecules with electricity to artificially create alkaline water. Although natural water itself already has a pH that perfectly corresponds to the minerals in the water. Therefore, when you drink alkaline water, the body assumes it is receiving alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The problem with most ionized water is that the body thinks it is receiving more alkaline minerals than what is actually present in the water. Consequently, hydrating your body with the correct non-artificial alkaline water with the correct pH level is critical.

When the body has pH of seven or below, that’s when it becomes vulnerable to germs and diseases. You become tired easily due to impaired energy levels. Comfort food such as coffee, sugar, diary, meat, junk food creates internal acidic states which makes us sick easily. These edibles also increase our weight and decrease immunity. According to doctors, everyday 80 percent of our intake should be alkalized food. Drinking alkaline water can help sooth acid reflux because the higher pH level kills pepsin, an enzyme involved in breaking down food proteins and main cause of acid reflux. Numerous women love alkaline water not only because it helps with the immune system & the metabolism to keep you in shape, but it also helps in the beauty department. Alkaline water contains antioxidant properties which helps with anti-aging and rejuvenates the skin.

With all these benefits above, top athletes and sports trainers know that slight adjustment in pH can have great results on the overall health, feeling of wellness, level of fatigue, pain, weight, ability to train and athletic performance. It is said that muscles work best in a narrow range of pH. At rest, muscle pH is about 6.9, while arterial blood is about 7.4. When we exercise, and receive perfect hydration, the amplified use of muscle glycogen for energy produces lactic acid, pyruvic acid, and CO2, which decreases muscle pH. The harder you exercise the quicker your muscles become acidic which leads to exhaustion and dizziness. Increasing these acids will slow down your body’s production of ATP, the energy molecule, and disrupts enzyme activity that produces energy. Acidity also reduces muscle power directly by inhibiting the contractile action of muscle fibers. Many top world class athletes use alkaline water to help them increase overall performance and keep up with a correct diet that supports alkalinity. These diets are highly recommended by sports nutritionists to all sport stars and even average common people. Consuming alkaline water will reduce the accumulation of acidity in exercising muscles, improving workout intensity and recovery time. For example, former Denver Bronco, Bill Romanowski, was known to hydrate himself with alkaline water during his late career in order to maintain his competitive edge and extend his career age.

For outstanding health, doctors suggest everyone should drink natural alkaline water daily. By developing this habit, it supplies your body with the alkaline minerals that you will need daily to buffer acid. While all of these minerals are not nutritionally available, they do fight off the extra acid that you don’t need. As for the amount, it is recommended to hydrate yourself with at least two liters per day. Since the alkalinity is a result of natural alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium, the body is capable of using the minerals it needs and storing or removing any excess. One cannot become overly alkaline drinking natural alkaline water. The best way to also understand what is the correct amount for your daily consumption is measuring your body’s pH daily and regulating your consumption accordingly.

Besides having the perfect balance for alkaline, Perfect Hydration is also an ionized water with electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals in your blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge which does a great deal to all functions in the body. By great deal, meaning they play major roles in keeping water balanced both inside and outside of cells so muscles and organs continue to work properly. Scientifically speaking, electrolytes are positively and negatively charged particles (ions) that are formed when mineral or other salts dissolve and separate in water. Electrolytes are important for your body as you cannot exist without any. They contain free ions that assist you in regulating nerve and muscle function, keeping your body hydrated, repairing damaged tissue faster, balancing your blood pH and blood pressure, monitoring your brain activity, transmitting nerve impulses, controlling your body temperature and much more.

With above mentioned, we must keep electrolyte concentration in our body constantly. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always good. As for our generation, most people don’t have time to keep up with alkaline diet, or replenishing right amount of electrolyte in your body, Perfect Hydration alkaline water is the perfect solution for everyone. Our water helps you to have pH 9.5 for balance, ionically charges your body through ultra-purified process, with no added sodium, chlorine or fluoride. Last but not least, Perfect Hydration gives you the right electrolyte replenishment that you will need throughout the day.

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