How Much Water Do You Really Need?
It has already been established that water is no doubt of extreme significance to us. We need water to survive and stay healthy. It fuels our body and gives us the ability to be the best that we can be. Failure to drink the correct amount of water daily leads to headaches, stomach aches, tiredness, nausea, acne, inability to produce tears, and other problems. This of course begs the question that many of us ask. Why is it that even when I do drink a lot of water daily, do I still experience these symptoms of dehydration? Yes, it is without a doubt that water helps cures these symptoms and hydrate us to avoid these horrible symptoms, but we actually need to drink quite a lot of water daily for these symptoms to actually go away as well as be able to experience the many lavish feelings those articles write about when it comes to the consumption of water such as the perfect, glowing, clear skin, the white smile, the shiny hair, etc. You would be surprised to know that many people make the mistake of not drinking the needed amount of water for their body and that is why they are more than stumped as to why they aren’t experiencing everything those articles and dieticians state you will experience when you drink water. The truth is, every person has a unique amount of water that they must consume daily for quite a period of time before they actually start seeing the results that they want to see. Here are some factors that one must take into account when understanding how much water their body needs.
-Daily Amount of Exercise
All of these factors influence the amount of water every individual needs. Many dieticians and people state that everyone should try to strive to drink a total of about 8 glasses of water daily. The truth is, for some individuals 8 glasses of water is too much, and for other individuals 8 glasses of water is too little. For example, think of it this way, someone who lives in a hot and humid environment where sweating is continuously happening, 8 glasses of water may be too little for consumption and the amount of consumption may need to be increased. For someone who lives in an environment where it is actually quite cold and one is not sweating too much, 8 glasses may not be needed since the body isn’t sweating profusely or losing too much hydration in any way. Another example includes thinking about someone who does sports and someone who doesn’t. One who does sports, expels energy a lot quicker and sweats a lot more. This means that their body needs to regain the energy and cool themselves down by drinking even more water. A person who does not exercise or go outdoors would obviously loose energy at a much slower rate and would not need as much water to hydrate themselves because they aren’t losing their energy as quickly or sweating too much. Incorporate these two examples along with the other factors such as diseases, illnesses, age, weight, gender, etc, and you will see why the recommended daily amount of water for every individual is not a set number, rather an individual number that is different for everyone.
So now that you understand that there are many factors that influence the ability to know how much water your body needs to function at optimum levels, you must now decide how to incorporate all these factors to come up with your daily amount of water needed.
Try Hydration Calculators
Thank God for the internet. It provides us with copious amounts of helpful information about everything. I have learned from experience that the internet can sometimes be a joke and other times can be so extremely helpful at the same time. I have often wondered about the question of if I am drinking enough water for myself? After thinking about this question I went onto Google to look for some answers. I came across something called hydration or water calculators. They are calculators that basically ask you personalized questions about your age, exercise, illnesses, weight, gender, etc. and then use the information you have given them to come up with your own estimate of how many ounces of water you should drink daily. I find that doing one is probably not enough. I recommend doing at least 3 or 4 so you can account for any calculators that may not work as properly as well as gain better accuracy of estimated ounces you should shoot for. I found that when doing about 4 of these calculators, the estimated ounces of water I was given was about 80 ounces of water daily which is equivalent to about 5 water bottles daily. Doing these calculators can help immensely with your ability to gage how much you should be drinking to truly see a difference in yourself.
Ask a Doctor
After all that’s what doctors are here for. They are here to help you and guide you in making the best decisions for your body and health. Ask a doctor if you are having trouble understanding where exactly you should be aiming in terms of the amount of ounces to drink. Inform them of any and all factors that may affect how much water you should drink and listen to the advice they give you. They may be able to give you a range of what is too much and what is too little and then you can go from there. They may also be helpful in offering additional resources and information that can help you to understand how much you need to consume for your body. Make sure to notify your doctor of any illnesses you have as sometimes too much liquid can affect those illnesses and make it necessary for you to consume less water than the average person or vice versa.
Water Consumption by Body Weight
If you aren’t really feeling up to doing the first two options, a third option you can do is to follow this bodyweight math rule to determine an estimation of how much to consume. Try taking your weight and dividing it by 2.2. The next step is to multiply your divided number by a number that depends upon your age. If you are younger than the age of 30, multiply the divided number by 40. If you are between 30 and 55, multiply the number by 35. Lastly if you are older than 55, multiply the number by 30. After you have done that divide whatever number you get by 28.3. The number you get is the number of water you should drink in ounces daily. You can divide this number by 8 if you wish to know the amount in cups. Although some may argue with the accuracy of this, following this number may not be a bad start. Try following the recommended amount of water in ounces for a month and track any progress you see in your body and energy. If you aren’t seeing too many changes, then try increasing the amount of ounces you drink by 10 ounces and assess from there. The number you get from this bodyweight tip is definitely not a bad start to understanding your individual body needs for water, and besides you can’t lie that it isn’t fun to calculate!
Staying on Track
Now that you know how much water you should be consuming daily, the next part is now understanding how to change your diet to account for the amount of water you consume. For some people, not a lot of changes will be necessary, for others many changes will be necessary. Some people will receive a number that is far beyond the amount of water they have ever consumed in a day. It might be hard to suddenly train and force yourself to drink more water then you have ever done before and for the first couple of days you may even experience some cramping and bloating from all the water you are not used to drinking. In addition, if you are like me and prefer the good old coffee, tea, soda, and juice to water then drinking more water may prove to be a difficult feat. That’s why I encourage messing around with your plain old water and put some pizzazz into it. Try out these water recipes and you will see yourself craving water more than its unhealthy counterparts such as caffeinated soda, tea, and sugary drinks (keep in mind that these don’t hydrate you whatsoever and actually leave you in a state of even more dehydration than before).
Delicious Water Recipes!
Mojito Water!
Trick your taste buds into thinking it is happy hour with this mojito water. There is definitely nothing complicated about this recipe. Simply opt for some mint and lots of lime for a beverage that is extremely tart and hydrating!
Apple Cinnamon Water
Cut up some fresh apples and throw in some cinnamon for a sweet, spice, and everything nice drink. Perfect for adding some sweetness for when you are craving it and hydrating yourself at the same time. Cinnamon is also known for aiding in digestion so this water recipe is perfect for when you have just finished a hearty meal!
Rainbow Citrus Water
This water will make you want to sip and sip until it is all gone and this is mainly due to how pretty your glass looks when you fill it up with all these colorful fruits! Go crazy and cut up as many citrus fruits as you can such as grapefruit, lemon, lime, and oranges and watch the beauty that the fruits bring to your water. Making it super fun and hydrating to drink!
Tomato-Basil Water
Not feeling the sweet and digging something savory instead? Try this water recipe infused with cut tomatoes and basil leaves that make it taste like you just devoured a fresh caprese salad all while doing your body right and staying on track in terms of hydration!
Strawberry Kiwi Cooler
Opt for 3 cups of halved strawberries, followed by three sliced kiwis, and two sliced lemons. Stir the ingredients together and enjoy this fruity and refreshing water drink.
Extra Tips for Staying on the Track!
In addition to trying out these super yummy recipes that will help you in increase your consumption of water, try to also get your daily amount of water from fruits and vegetables that are known to have a lot of water in them!
Green peas
White potatoes
In addition to these high content fruits and vegetables that you can consume to keep you on the right track and reaching the correct hydration needed for your body, try consuming your water in pretty jugs and mason jars. I find that drinking water from pretty jugs, mason jars, or glasses makes me feel like I want to drink it more and helps me to stay motivated!
All in all, water is known to bring so many health benefits to us and our body, that it is truly the holy grail and magic product for us all. It cures us of so many things and improves our body in so many ways that to not have this in our life is a great tragedy. We must learn how to drink the correct amount of water for our body because doing so will only help guide us to staying healthy and happy as well as keeping us from the horrible symptoms that dehydration can cause. Now that you’ve learned the basics, what are you waiting for? Research and get cracking on the amount of water you need and drink, drink, drink!

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