As summer approaches, the family fun begins. Summer is probably the most active time of the year in which family members engage in way more activities and spend a lot of summer days in the sun for some action packed fun! Of course though, more activity in the blistering heat means your body is sweating more often and losing its acidic balance. Throwing your body off balance leads you vulnerable to nausea, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, fever, and even vomiting or fainting, all activities that are not fun to endure especially if a loved one in the family is enduring it! Beat the heat and stay hydrated with these top 5 summer hydration tips that the family can utilize today to ensure that they are having good old clean fun while their body is too!
1.Drink Water!

It’s the oldest tip in the book of hydration tips and I feel it’s the most obvious and plain tip of all, but it is of extreme importance. Funny enough no matter how many times a person knows they must drink water, not many people actually end up getting the recommended daily intake of water needed for their bodies to thrive and work at optimum levels. People often complain about breakouts, tough dry skin that no lotion could ever save, dry and chapped lips that only get more dry the more you apply chapstick, and a feeling like you are an old person that can’t get out of bed to save your life. Sound familiar? It’s a sign that your body is dehydrated and it is also the first sign that you aren’t consuming enough water for your body to work and flush breakouts, make your lips and skin softer, and provide the energy you need to plow through the fun action packed summer days. The amount of water your body needs is on a case by case basis. A dietician can’t tell you really a general amount because the truth to the matter is that everyone’s bodies are different and therefore everyone’s bodies need different amounts of water. Male or females require different amounts of water. The amount of activity you engage in impacts how much water you need to drink, and your weight even plays a role in understanding the correct amount of water needed for you to be hydrated. It appears that some experts have thrown out the number of 91 ounces of water daily is enough to keep all women hydrated, but some women work harder and expend more energy and need more hydration than 91 ounces. Some don’t expend a lot of energy and stay at home and maybe don’t need as much as 91 ounces to keep themselves hydrated. Try to engage you and your family into taking hydration or water level calculators on the internet to gage the idea. These calculators will ask questions about daily hours spent on physical activity, gender, location, weight, and age to calculate a number that is roughly unique to you and is the amount of water you should try to consume. Have you and your family take more than 1 of these online so that you can kind of get an idea of the amount of water you and your family should be consuming. Of course this is the internet and sometimes the internet can just be plain wrong. Try sticking to the recommended amount of ounces of water the calculator told you to drink and gage how you feel. Is your skin softer? Do you have more energy? Do you feel happier and less sick? Is your skin clearing up? If yes then you are finally drinking enough water! If not, then try to increase your daily amount by 10 ounces and see from there! Encourage your entire family to drink their recommended amount by making it into a game. Make it seem fun and enjoyable and you will see how easy it is for you and your family to stay on track and hydrated in the heat!

2.Make Smart Food Choices for You and Your Family!

Proper hydration for families during the summertime doesn’t just start with water, it also starts with eating right and getting enough of the right foods into your body. Moderately active women and men under the age of women should try to consume around 2 ½ – 3 cups of vegetables. For smaller children, you can keep this to around 1 – 2 cups of vegetables! The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), recommends fruit intake for anyone under 30 should be around 2 cups of fruit daily, while those over 30 should reduce to 1 ½ cups of fruit. Limit dairy intake to about 1 cup daily. Grain intake should be around 3 -5 servings for adults and 2-3 servings for children. One serving can be characterized as 1 slice of bread or ½ cup of cooked rice, pasta or readymade cereal. Attempt to realign your family’s daily habits to fit the recommended amount of food! Of course this is a lot of work and can be considered very draining to do so try to make it fun! Engage your family to sit down and make a food chart of all the meals you plan to have and where you can incorporate as much of the recommended food groups as you can! Don’t stress out if it’s not exact, the important thing is that you are trying! Trying to complete this task is essential in hydration because it ensures that your body gets the proper amount of healthy fats, carbs, and sugars needed to take care of itself. Water is what can give the body the energy to burn these off in replacement for energy and other bodily functions needed to keep your body healthy! In addition, certain foods have water within them and this can help you get to your daily water goal when drinking water has become too boring! Foods with high water include tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon, spinach, strawberries and more! Incorporating these types of fruits and vegetables can be a good way to get your recommended intake of fruits and veggies while also nailing your daily water goal so that you can reach that perfect summer hydration for you and your family! Make it fun. Try to make food colorful and encourage the family to head to the kitchen and cook together. Try out some new recipes and you will see how eating right and staying hydrated is extremely rewarding!

3.Check pH Levels

drink perfect water

It cannot be stressed enough just how very important your pH levels can be to your hydration. They are the telltale sign that something in your body is off and you need to consume or replace something in your body to fix that. Blood should have a pH level ranging from 7.35-7.45. Anywhere above 7.45 yields basic blood that can yield many symptoms such as kidney diseases or muscle spasms and nausea. Too acidic blood at 7.35 or below can yield the perfect environment for bacteria, viruses, and even cancer cells to grow leaving you in a very vulnerable and sickly state. Following the correct amount of water and food needed daily helps keep your body on balance as much as possible but sometimes there are times we cannot resist going for foods and drinks such as soda, sugar, processed foods, fatty foods, and so on. These foods can throw us off track and it’s important to know which track we’ve been thrown off of. Try to engage in regularly testing your pH levels with either urine or blood tests at the doctors or collecting your own saliva test at home. You can buy regular pH test strips and follow the directions to yield where your pH levels seem to lie. Understanding whether your body has become too alkaline or acidic is the first step in hydrating your body properly of what you need. If your body is too acidic try to bring it back to balance with alkaline rich foods. Perfect Hydration water is one way to do that! This water has alkaline properties that help bring the body out of it’s acidic state so that your body is balanced! You can also try to consume foods high with alkaline such as sweet potatoes, carrots, ginger, broccoli, eggplant, onion, pumpkin, avocadoes, limes, almonds, almond milk and many more! These foods can help bring your pH levels back to balance in no time! If the body is too basic then eat acidic foods to remedy the problem such as beef, corned beef, eggs, ketchup, cashews, peanuts, butter, cheese, mushrooms, and more. These foods can help lower your pH level back to a healthy balance.

4.Smoothie Time!
9.5+ pH Alkaline Water

Of course drinking water and eating fruits and veggies on the daily all the time can get boring. After a while, the family can feel as if these routines have become kind of boring and boring is what we don’t want. When people become bored of routine they often break these routines in search of something new and this can lead to choosing to eat bad foods and consume soda and sugary drinks. The only way to stay hydrated and stay on the path to hydration for the family during the summer time is to switch it up! Try going for some yummy fresh fruit and veggie smoothies to get the family awake and happy. Smoothies are a great way to incorporate fruits and veggies for picky eaters and can also be a great way to curb those strong sugar cravings that can sometimes hit. They are also full of fruits and veggies which can make them very heavy and great for breakfasts on the go when you don’t have enough time in the mornings but still need some energy! Make it fun with your family by experimenting and trying to make your own smoothies. Smoothies are incredibly versatile and you can mix and match various bases such as regular milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or almond milk. That way you are constantly excited to make new smoothies and try something different out and you still can get the needed water from the fruits and veggies you incorporate, keeping you and your family hydrated during the hot and energy filled summer days. You can even put them in very cute or flashy cups and take them on the go with you to sip on throughout the day.

5.Infused Water

9.5+ pH Alkaline Water

Another way to liven up the sometimes drab and mundane task of drinking water, is by also trying fruit or vegetable infused waters! This is a great way to drink your water with a little fun kick on days where you aren’t feeling like drinking plain old water and are craving to reach out to those sugary juices or carbonated sodas. It is so easy too! Simply pour yourself some water, cut up whatever fruit or vegetable of your desire, put it in the refrigerator the night before so that the fruits and veggies have time to infuse in the water, pull it out in the morning, and voila! Ready to drink and extremely delicious. Combine various items together such as pineapple and mint, strawberry and lime, oranges and blueberries, mangoes and pineapples and more for some extremely yummy water! In this way you get your recommended amount of fruit with your recommended amount of water and you curb those cravings for soda and extremely sugary fruit drinks. This drink will be naturally sweet because of all the natural sugars that come with the fruits and veggies and can be the healthiest and sweet hydration replacement for your family’s daily minute maid fruit punch or coke consumption. You can even try sparkling water for a fizzy taste on days when you are really craving a strong soda!

Hydration during the summer doesn’t have to be boring compromises or putting a stop to the fun! Simply incorporate these tips into your summer fun adventures and watch as your family floods with high energy and healthy bodies to new journeys that await you wherever you go! A hydrated body means a happier body and happier body means a happier you!

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