Water Conservation

Water conservation has been a topic of hot debate for quite some time now. Our society has become so industrialized and focused on the technological innovations that propel us to our future, but in a bid to innovate and create more technology to make our day to day lives easier, we have left innovating to conserve our natural resources in the dust and this is a huge mistake. Water conservation is of grave importance to us. Our decision to conserve our limited water supply is one that will have a great impact on every living thing in this world from humans to animals to insects and plants. We simply cannot survive without water, yet it is so odd that with this understanding we take from water selfishly without thinking about the repercussions. Water is something that is so important to us and why as smart humans are, we taking that for granted? It is so crazy to think how we innovate technologies that allow us to take satellite images from space, video chat a person that is 3,000 miles away, and have access to all kinds of information and knowledge at our fingertips, yet at the same time, that same motivation that allows us to innovate such hard and complex technologies cannot motivate us to take simple measures to conserve our water? We need to spread awareness about how much water we are actually consuming and how this high level of consumption can spell doom for us and our Earth. In this article, I will go over the importance and necessity for conserving our water resources as well as go over the extremely simple ways in which you can make a great change for the better in terms of water conservation. At this end of this article, hopefully you are able to have a better understanding and willingness to truly make a change that can help us all.


The Simple Reasons Behind Why Water Conservation is Necessary


I know that many people have already heard this speech a thousand times, but sometimes you need to hear it more so that people can truly understand that no one is messing around when we say that the need to conserve water is more dire than ever. By going over these key facts about the Earth’s water supply, I can only hope that you see why this situation is of mass importance.


Water Encompasses Everything We Use

People have heard many times about how water helps to create many different products that we utilize in today’s society, but people are often unaware of how even the simplest products need water in order to be made. For example, plastic utensils actually use up a lot of water. It is weird to think that plastic would need water, but it actually does. About one pound of plastic typically uses around 24 gallons of water! That is a lot when you think about how much plastic we use. It practically encompasses everything within our lives from utensils to packaging to coffee cups, straws, and more! Manufacturing the new and trendy clothes that we wear also drives up water consumption. Around one pound of cotton typically uses up about 700 gallons of water and denim jeans produces a similar figure to that. The bottom line is that huge amounts of water are used to make everything that we own and we often do not even realize it! By choosing to conserve water, we can help drive down consumption and keep our water supply going.


We Have a Limited Supply of It

As much as everyone may wish that water came in an infinite supply that just continued to replenish itself after it has been used, the sad fact is that this is not the case. Water will never be infinite and no amount of wishing is going to change that. This means that once we have driven up the consumption of our water, the chance of nature being able to account for that loss is very slow and not something we can rely on in regards to how much water we use. Water scarcity is a big problem in our world right now and no amount of ignoring that will make it go away. Think of it this way, of all the lakes, glaciers, streams, creeks, oceans, rivers, etc. that exist in this world (and there is a lot of them), only 2.5% of them can actually account for fresh water. This means that 97% of our Earth’s water is saltwater. Let us think even more about this. Of the 2.5% of freshwater that exists in this world, only 0.3% of that water is readily available as surface water in lakes, swamps, rivers, and streams. The other 2.2%? It is stored below ground as ground water, meaning it is not easily accessible by any means. So, all that water that you see around you? Majority of it is completely unusable which really emphasizes the water scarcity problem that we are dealing with.


Besides Water Usage in Products, Water Feeds Us as Well


Aside from the fact that water is used to create a lot of the material products that we use today, it is also extremely important to note that water feeds us as well. By using the word “feed”, I mean that water accounts for the vast majority of the food that we eat. Without it our food supply would decrease greatly and we would then enter a second problem – food scarcity. About 70% of humanity’s fresh water supply is used to help grow a great number of crops. In addition to that, we also need water to feed the animals that we may use for food as well. If you were to take out water from the equation, both crops and animals would die out and we would be in an absolute panic for food. Sounds pretty catastrophic, which is why so many people do not take this seriously, but do keep in mind that consumption is constantly on the rise. Even if this doesn’t happen now, generations in the future will surely pay for it and the effects of a decreased water supply will still surely be felt by us in this moment in time.


How to Take Efforts in Conserving Your Water

Now that I delved a bit into why conserving water is so essential to us, you will be happy to know that there are so many solutions to our water scarcity problem. We have so many ways in which we can limit our water consumption and if we just implemented a few of these habits into our daily life, over the next few years, that would create such a huge difference for us. I aim to list out the simplest water conservation methods that you can incorporate in your life, so that you can see for yourself how easy it is to solve this problem. I think as more people start to understand that conserving water is not something that starts with drastic changes in your lifestyle and habits then more people are willing to do the small things that can add up to make a big difference.


Wash Full Loads of Clothes Only

This is not a super big change in your lifestyle and with some minor adjustments can actually be an easy goal to accomplish. One easy way that you can work to conserve water is by limiting the number of loads of laundry you do. This can be done by choosing to wait a little bit more for loads to actually fill up the basket before you decide to take it to the laundry room for cleaning. Work hard to maybe wait a few days out before you throw your clothes in the laundry, so in that way you don’t have the machine using up tons of water to clean a load that is only ¼ of the way full. Some may argue that they like to wash a load of clothes that is only half way full because if it is too full then all the clothes cannot be cleaned adequately. I’ll admit that for some, this tip may be harder than other ones, but surely with some minor adjustments in your schedule of how you typically do laundry, you can help to conserve water and develop eco-friendly habits! Trust me when I say that whether it is halfway full or full to the brim, the clothes will still be cleaned adequately!


Use a Basin to Shave

Shaving is one of the easiest ways that we end up using up so much water. We tend to keep water running and running during the duration of our shave and it really takes a toll on our water usage. In order to decrease the amount of water that just continues running while you are shaving, it would be wise to use a basin full of water right beside you in the shower when you are getting ready to shave. In this way, you have water ready to go for you when you need it, but you are not wasting a ton of water that never ends up being used at all. In fact, this basin method can be used for a wide variety of simple chores and daily habits such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, doing the dishes by hand and so on!


Just Turn the Faucet Off


This only takes a couple of seconds to do, but many of us are guilty of just letting the faucet run while we go through our morning or night routine. Some of us are lazy about practicing this tip and some of us genuinely forget or get sidetracked with other things that it just never crosses our mind. To solve that issue, maybe try to leave inspirational sticky notes on the mirror or around your sink area so that when you walk in and go through your routine, you remember to turn the faucet off while you wash your face or brush your teeth! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, faucets run at about 2 gallons per minute. That is a lot of water! By choosing to pursue this method think about how many gallons of water that you can conserve in the long term!


Dispose of Leftover Water in Your Backyard

It is quite common that when we rinse things such as fruits and veggies that naturally there is a lot of water that runs down into the sink and gets wasted. It would be a very easy and useful tip so actually put a pot or bowl under whatever you are rinsing so that when all the leftover water is captured, instead of wasting it but chucking it down the sink, you can instead dispose of it by throwing it out in the backyard. The same can be done for when you are using hot water! Sometimes it can take a while for hot water to come on and this can cause a lot of water to continue running as you wait. Be sure to catch all the leftover water and dispose of it in your backyard, garden, for your plants, etc. In this way you can learn how to repurpose water and save gallons of it!


Cover Up Your Pools

If you are a pool owner then this water conservation tip is for you! According to the Department of Energy, covering a pool actually helps to retain a heated pool’s temperature and reduce evaporation. By choosing to invest in a simple pool cover, you can actually cut replacement water amounts from around 30-50%.


As you can see, the need to make changes in the way we think about water and how we use it, is more dire than ever. Change does not happen if we believe that we can sit back idly on matters that are important and expect someone else to do them. By stepping up and incorporating little differences, you can help in a way that matters. It may seem insignificant to you that you would create water conservation habits that only save a little bit of water, but it is so important to remember that in the long term, these conservation methods truly do make a difference. They will add up and create a beautiful environment for not only you and your generation, but for the many generations that will come after you that also deserve a chance to enjoy all the beauties that nature has to offer.


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