Water: Need to Save for Tomorrow

Water is the most essential key to survival for the planet and all forms of life. Life (both plants and animals) would be unable to sustain themselves without the help of water. After all, plants need water to survive and all animals need water considering more than half of their body is made up of water. Life in all forms is what makes the world so beautiful and without water, one could kiss all of that beauty goodbye. Water is so necessary to us. It is single handedly the number one source of our existence and there is no doubt that many people already know this fact. It is not rocket science to humanity in terms of understanding just how important water is. People get it. Yet, the most peculiar and wondrous thing about humanity is why people understand the necessity of water and how hard it is to make sure water stays at consistent levels, yet they waste it like it is something that will constantly be in supply ready at their command. If water could be so magical that it would appear at our fingertips, whenever we asked then that would be amazing, but unfortunately that is not the case. While the properties that water can produce for life on earth is surely magical, water does not have the ability to consistently be readily available when we need it. What does this mean? It means we need to be so beyond careful when it comes to water. We as a part of this world, need to take the necessary measures and do our part to ensure that we conserve our water today for a brighter future tomorrow. Hopefully this article can persuade and help people understand why it is so important to conserve water and the consequences it can bring if we do not.

Why Do We Need to Conserve Water?

When informing people on the importance of water conservation, it is always important to first tackle the why aspect of this equation. Many people from the beginning do not take water conservation efforts seriously considering that water seems to be everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Water in the arctic, the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, glaciers, etc. Water covers 71% of our Earth which makes people beg the question why should we care when water literally makes up more than half of the planet we live on? Well, I’ll tell you the deal with this simple statistic – 97% of Earth’s water is salt water, meaning it is a no go for drinking purposes. This means that only 3% of Earth’s water can help quench the thirst of 7.2 billion people around the world. Further examining this 3%, one realizes that 2% of that 3% of fresh water is actually locked in ice caps and glaciers meaning we have not developed the resources to use that water, therefore really only 1% of Earth’s water is actually available for the world to drink. Populations are constantly growing, birth rates are succeeding the amount of death rates, and the bottom line is that at the rate we are going (factoring in the amount of water that is normally used by a person for drinking, bathing, washing, leisure activities, etc.) that 1% of water is honestly not going to be enough to sustain us. This could lead to serious consequences and horrible global events.

What Type of Consequences Can We Expect?

The events that follow the horrible situation of not having enough water will be entirely catastrophic. Here are some of the consequences one can expect if the world does not conserve our very limited water supply.

Demand for water is in line with growing populations. As populations increase, the demand for water increases as well. If water supplies were to decrease than conflicts can come about as people will desperately seek water for survival. The Secretary General of the United Nations has stated that if one part of the world were to run out of water (mostly naturally dry and hot areas) the population of that area would have to migrate elsewhere, putting a huge strain on the areas that still have a little bit of water. Having so many people in one area trying to have control over the limited water supply would undoubtedly lead to violence and conflict between many, making this a very intense and difficult situation to experience and control.

Diminished Food Supply
Beyond just water being used directly for our consumption or bathing purposes, water is also very much tied to our food. Majority of the natural and fresh food we eat cannot exist without water. Our livestock, which is used for meat consumption, would die out without water meaning there would be no way to eat meat anymore. Other types of food such as vegetables, fruit, and grain would not exist because they need water as well in order to grow. That would then cancel out half of the possible food supply around the world. This would then cause very appalling situations to occur such as more conflict and starvation. The population and life itself would die out. Humans, animals, plants, habitat, ecosystems, etc. would eventually be wiped away. Already, alarming real-life events such as decline in water have already been taking place in different parts of the world which shows us that the beginning of a limited water supply is already taking place. In fact, the U.S. Geological Survey reports that groundwater levels and storage are continuing to decline in places such as Central Valley in California. Food is obviously very important so it is not hard to see how not conserving our water or caring about how much water we use, can be very serious and lead to harmful disturbances to life on Earth.

People Won’t Be Able to Afford It
As demand for a limited and diminishing water supply increases so will the costs of receiving water. Essentially in a hypothetical situation in which water supplies have reduced dramatically, the local municipality would have to be responsible for delivering the fresh water to your home and because of the high demand of such a limited resource, they are going to make you pay a hefty price for it. Which may be okay for some people, but for a lot of people, such a concept would not bear too well for them and their financial situations. Water bills are going to be crazy high as people will not only have to pay more for the increased amount of water that they used, but generally will have to just pay a higher price due to the fact that they are using water to begin with and water is very limited.

These are a few of the problems the world will have to face if they decide to not take water conservation efforts seriously. Yet, if people do decide to conserve their water then many of these disastrous situations can be avoided and people can reap the beautiful benefits of having an abundant water supply such as saving money, protected water resources, minimized pollution and health risks, reduced costs, healthy aquatic environments, and energy being saved in terms of pumping, heating, and treating water. Overall water conservation can save you a serious headache from future problems and can offer the world a wide variety of benefits such as being able to live your life.

How One Can Conserve Their Water

Here are three little handy (and not super difficult or time consuming) water conservation efforts that you can start with today and work towards a beautiful future for tomorrow. They are not difficult to follow and they will make you realize how doing small, little things like this can really make an impact for the world!

Showers Do Not Need to Be An Hour Long
Honestly a lot of people do love a good, long shower and not going to lie after an incredibly long and hard day sometimes people need a long shower to unwind and relax, but does it have to be a shower? Maybe next time if you are looking for a way to relax, choose to bathe instead and fill up only half the bathtub with water. This way your shower is not spewing water out for a long hour to an hour and a half, wasting precious water. In addition, not every time do your showers need to be so long! Maybe set a day where you can treat yourself to a nice bath and on all the other days when you need to shower, try to keep your showering to a basic 15-20-minute shower. This way you can do your part in lowering the amount of water you use!

Turn the Faucet Off
It really is not necessary to have the faucet running while you are washing your hands, shaving, or brushing your teeth and face. You would be surprised how much water you are actually wasting when you spend every day scrubbing your face, hands, or brushing your teeth while not turning off the faucet. It isn’t hard to reach down and turn the water off while you take the time to do those things. It will only take a second and I guarantee you that the benefits that you will receive in the future from taking that second every day to turn the tap off will be well worth it!

Fix Leaks Quickly
No doubt it is very frustrating when one already has a very busy work or school schedule ahead of them and are then bothered by nuisances such as a leak in your pipe or faucet. It sucks to have to add another chore to your never-ending list of things to do. I get it. You get overwhelmed, you reach a point where you say to yourself “I have no time to deal with this today” and you choose to deal with it another day, but then another day turns into another day then another then another day and then soon weeks have gone by and that faucet is still leaking. It happens, but if you really are serious about getting that water conservation down then take care of the situation immediately. The moment you know it is leaking, either fix it yourself (if you are that cool and handy) or call someone up and have someone do it for you. Either way it has to be done eventually and it is better to do it at that moment rather than later because even though leaky faucets only produce a tiny drop of water every once in a while, you would be very amazed to find out how much water it eventually adds up to. It is a lot! If you truly care about your environment then take some time out of your day and get it done! I guarantee you that you are setting yourself up for a better tomorrow for not only you, but the rest of the world.

Water is so important for us and it can be very easy to tread down a path where we understand its value but see it as something that will always be there for us whenever we need it. We are used to living in a country where we are very privileged and lucky to have water there at the press of a refrigerator button or the push of a faucet handle We have always been able to have water readily available at our fingertips at all times and for that reason it makes us feel less appreciative and understanding of how limited water actually is. When we take the time to actually think about it, beyond the fact that we can have it in less than a second, we realize that we are so beyond lucky to not be in a serious problem in which we have no access to water or have to actually fight to get access to water. Just because it is here now does not mean it will be here forever and if we continue to walk down this path where we are ignorant of the importance of saving water, then for sure our future generations will never have the privilege that we had, and that will be really sad. Make the easy change today so that tomorrow won’t have to.

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